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Blog tour: The Mystery of Henri Pick By David Foenkinos @PushkinPress @PoppyBookPR #TranslatedFiction

The first book in the Walter Presents library: a fast-paced comic mystery enriched by a deep love of books

Readers always find themselves in a book, one way or another

In the small town of Crozon in Brittany, a library houses manuscripts that were rejected for publication: the faded dreams of aspiring writers. Visiting while on holiday, young editor Delphine Despero is thrilled to discover a novel so powerful that she feels compelled to bring it back to Paris to publish it.

The book is a sensation, prompting fevered interest in the identity of its author – apparently one Henri Pick, a now-deceased pizza chef from Crozon. Sceptics cry that the whole thing is a hoax: how could this man have written such a masterpiece? An obstinate journalist, Jean-Michel Rouche, heads to Brittany to investigate.

By turns funny and moving, The Mystery of Henri Pick is a fast-paced comic mystery enriched by a deep love of books – and of the authors who write them.

Hello there, welcome to my blog on my day of The Mystery of Henri Pick blog tour. Firstly, I’d like to thank Poppy for the invitation to share my review for the tour, as well as sending me out a copy of this translated treasure! The Mystery of Henri Pick was written by David Foenkinos and translated by Sam Taylor. This quirky mystery was published on the 7th of May and you could be an owner of your very own copy by purchasing here!

The Mystery of Henri Pick is an alluring translated fiction that feels stunningly classical in terms of the way it’s been executed with David’s spectacular penmanship and Sam’s perfect translation. The setting is a small French town, where there is a library located with finished, rejected manuscripts for books – abandoned by their owners. When Delphine discovers it, she, as well as others fall deeply in love with it. The author, recently dead, is praised for his literary masterpiece. With the book comes a puzzling mystery – who was Henri Pick? Why did he hide his talent from his family? This French translated novella with have you captivated, it’ll have your heart falling in love with this cosy mystery, as well as you putting on a detective hat as you follow its journey. The Mystery of Henri Pick will have you wanting to be left alone with a hot chocolate and the world within these pages for company. A novella that is atmospheric, laced with ‘who dunnit’ intrigue and beautiful poetic prose sprinkled with humour. I thoroughly enjoyed the concept of this book, it was the literary medicine that I never knew I needed.

Thanks again to Poppy for having me on-board the blog tour! If you’ve missed out on the previous posts, make sure to check them out!

Until next time,
Happy reading!

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