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Finding F*ck Yes; A Memoir on Orgasms & Insulin by Clare Marie Edgeman @ClareMarieEdge @NewDegreePress #FindingFuckYes #Memoir #Feminist #MiniReview #72In12

Clare Marie Edgeman’s journey to Finding F*ck Yes is chocolate cake in an era of paleo diets and the Whole 30: indulgent, sticky, and not diet-culture friendly. From her nerdy teenage years in rural Montana to her empowered late twenties in New York City, this vulnerable memoir is simultaneously hilarious, heartwarming, and painfully, beautifully authentic.

Edgeman holds nothing back in this striking debut, as she describes her unconventional and promiscuous path to body positivity—a journey irrevocably tied to her rebellion against the constraints of Type 1 diabetes.

Finding F*ck Yes: A Memoir of Orgasms & Insulin is a reflection of our society, a meditation on self-worth, a treatise on how we treat women who love sex, and a challenge of how we view women who are not thin.

Last weekend, as you may know, I partook in a reading rush, #12in72, in order to try and cut that Netgalley TBR down. Finding F*ck Yes was my third read of the weekend, a memoir that cleansed the palette, as well as being highly informative on a variety of different subjects. This novel was published on the 12th of April, and you can grab a copy here. Thanks to New Degree Press for approving my Netgalley request!

Sex is a way to connect and a way to avoid vulnerable connection. It has no inherit moral value in and of itself, but plenty of people in this world label both sexual openness and carbohydrates as repugnant.”

Finding Fuck Yes is told in chapters that reveals a number of Clare’s sexual encounters, ranging from the fabulously laugh out loud to important ones that touch upon revevant subjects, such as consent and sexual safety, while also normalising the female sexuality. Clare apart from being her own sexual power, is also type 1 diabetic. While using the platform of Finding F*ck Yes to normalise sex, she also uses it as an informative tool to talk about her personal and sexual impacts of her diagnosis, while also touching on her experience of a diabetic eating disorder diabullimia. This memoir is at times powerfully raw, deeply personal and utterly empowering!

I adored this book, I admire Clare’s literary middle finger to societal slut shaming, the idea that society has a say / control over the bodies of women. This book shares that safe promiscuity is not just for men but rather provides a positive narrative for sexual expression, no matter who the person is or their sexual preferences.

Finding F*ck Yes also touches upon sobering subjects, such as consent and sexual trauma. This subjects are more important than ever to educate upon and through her personal experiences Clare has done that to a certain degree. Sexual trauma is not a black and white subject, it’s many shades of grey and patchy, it’s always important to check consent, multiple times as well as always practising safe sex. She says in one of her chapters that these things are not turn offs, don’t be afraid to pull out protection, talking boundaries etc.

Finding F*ck Yes challenges standards, especially the the double standards between male and female promiscuity, one being more acceptable than the other. Within these pages sexual ideals are drawn into modernisation, a world where casual sex is accepted, within a world of polygamy and non- monogamous / monogamous relationships, with the inclusion of personal sexuality reflection. A brutally honest and funny memoir that you really should add to your TBR pile!

I loved it!

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