Six decades. Buried truths. Ghosts. The House of Ashes by Stuart Neville @StuartNeville @ZaffreBooks @Tr4cyF3nt0n #TheHouseOfAshes #BookReview

The House of Ashes
A house built on secrets
An old woman haunted by her past
A young woman fighting for her life

For Sara Keane, it was supposed to be a second chance.
A new country. A new house. A new beginning.
Then came the knock on the door.
Elderly Mary Jackson can’t understand why Sara and her husband are living in her home.
She remembers the fire. She remembers the house burning down. But she also remembers the children. The children who need her. The children she must protect.

‘The children will find you,’ she tells Sara, because Mary knows she needs help too. As Sara becomes obsessed with what happened in that house nearly 60 years ago, and the family wiped out in one bloody night, she begins to see things. Things that can’t be real.

In a story that spans six decades, the truth will not stay buried, and the ghosts of the past can never remain in the shadows….

How are we already at the end of January?!
Welcome to my second blog tour of the year, organised by the wonderful Tracy Fenton who kindly invited me to be a part of the tour for Stuart Neville’s upcoming February release, The House of Ashes, due to be published on the 3rd of Feb by Bonnier Books! My thanks goes to the publishers for sending me a gifted copy of the book in preparation on this tour.
If this is a you book, or even if you’d like to tiptoe out of your comfort zone, you can purchase a copy here.

The House of Ashes was the third book that I read in January, I had just whizzed through an enemies-to-lovers read and craved something dark, gritty and captivating – this book ticked every single box, everything I wanted after a lighthearted romance was catered for and the chill of the layered storyline is still echoing within my reading mind, like a ghost.

This novel is written from an array of characters, but the two main individuals are Mary and Sara, two women from different generations with two things in common; a type on innocence that has been stolen from them and a house – to be exact Sara’s home which she has just moved into with her husband after a bit of a mental blip. One house, yet very different memories, linked by the ghosts haunting both, can you imagine the secrets? Questions? Skeletons in the closet? Stuart has created this storyline that spans 60 years and rooted it within the foundations of Sara’s residence, where she begins to chip away at the mystery of Mary, a woman who wanders into her house suggesting that it is hers, demanding to know where the children are. It is at this point, you become gripped and immersed not only in who this woman is, but what is HER story and why some around Sara become a tad rattled at the prospect of her poking around.

The House of Ashes leaks thrill and suspense along with an air of mystery and a sprinkling of paranormal added to the mix which helps to give the plotline various layers and extra depth to such its readers into. Stuart has nailed the art of luring his readers into his world, nail bitingly enticing them with an unravelling history which entraps the themes of the novel – ones that you can’t help but be emotively spellbound by, especially as we begin to see Mary’s history unravel through the eyes of an innocent, your heart can’t help but ache. When you think that your heart rate can’t be increased anymore, BAM, it happens… Such a literary rollercoaster ride!

All in all, a great thriller, one that packs a punch and will leave you thinking about the characters and their lives, bravo!

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