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Publication day review of The Coven by Lizzie Fry @LizzieFryAuthor @_FrancescaBanks @BooksSphere #TheCoven #PublicationDay

Happiest of publication days to Lizzie Fry for the book birth of The Coven, as soon as I saw this book on Twitter, I knew it was going to be a book that I would love. Thanks to Frankie from Little Brown Book Group for sending me a STUNNING finished copy. It was the perfect Saturday read. If you’re a fan of Christina Dalcher and other writers of feminist thrillers, this is one for you!! You can purchase your own copy here.

Let me repeat myself, so we can be very clear. Women are not the enemy. We must protect them from themselves, just as much as we must protect ourselves.

Imagine a world in which witchcraft is real. In which mothers hand down power to their daughters, power that is used harmlessly and peacefully.

Then imagine that the US President is a populist demagogue who decides that all witches must be imprisoned for their own safety, as well as the safety of those around them – creating a world in which to be female is one step away from being criminal…

As witches across the world are rounded up, one young woman discovers a power she did not know she had. It’s a dangerous force and it puts her top of the list in a global witch hunt.

But she – and the women around her – won’t give in easily. Not while all of women’s power is under threat.’

This month I’ve been reading, unplanned, books that circle around the theme of some sort of sisterhood – that same theme is sewn into The Coven, a plotline where men use their power privilege to push women who don’t fall under their guides to the outskirts of society, where they are feared and hated for being witches – a biological right that they have. In order to save their own lives the women must pledge their allegiance to the Sentinel, while turning on their own sisters. The Coven is a powerful novel about the power that women themselves posses, not just magical but personally, their connections and unity fear the men as they fear to become overthrown.

We begin The Coven with a prologue that completely sets the stage for the power that will flow through this book, one where a mother fears for her daughter and the incoming magic she begins to show. A mother whose responsibility is to protect her daughter from being detected in the fear that she will be killed for her ability. From that point we meet a great collection of characters, including Chloe who is coming to terms with her maternal inheritance, as well as Ethan a man who has more depths than is expected. Whirlwind together, our characters takes us on a journey, one of female empowerment, sisterhood and unity. Amongst the chapters are snippets of speeches from President Hopkins who condemns women and their sorcery, while other slipped in chapters are extracts of conversations where witches are supporting witches – or more importantly than that women are looking out for their sisters and gathering together to protect one another – being a stronger unity together than separated.

I fully enjoyed the storyline that Lizzie webbed around the dystopian aspect of feminism and what it truly means to not only be a woman but also a united community. I also loved Lizzie’s inclusion of characters when looking into what it means to be a woman, and the power they hold.
If you’re in the market for something a bit different, a feminist dystopian with a magical twist, The Coven is definitely a read for you, with great chapters, superb writing and a storyline to grip you – it’ll make you think about the themes and characters after reading with it’s powerfulness. I loved it!

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