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It’s the first independent author of #IndiesofChristmas post today, like an indie advent calender, with ideas of books that you could and should buy for those book worms in your life!

Today’s author is Tabatha Shipley who is the author of the Kingdom of Fraun series, Projection, and 30 Days Without Wings. She is an irrational perfectionist who loves baking and is happiest with a book in her hand – aren’t we all! Tabatha lives with her amazing husband, two awesome children, and one quirky dog in Arizona. The genre that Tabatha writes in is adult fantasy and science fiction.

The four books penned by Tabatha are available on her website:
You are able to purchase directly from this site if you are a US reader but international sales are available through Amazon. The books include:
Breaking Eselda – publication date 25th April 2018, in hardback, paperback and e-book format.

Strength, humility, speed, mirth, and wisdom are perfectly balanced in the kingdom of Fraun where council leaders make decisions in the best interest of all Fraunians. Meanwhile, young Princess Eselda is being groomed to eventually take the throne of Enchenda. But as her reign draws closer and long-held secrets are revealed, she realizes that her title comes with challenges she never imagined. After Eselda hears the council has been withholding valuable information about age markers that only affect those born of royal blood, she is horrified to learn that she will soon become malicious, power hungry, and lustful. As she struggles to accept her destiny, Eselda is overwhelmed with fear. There are rulers who will kill to keep these secrets hidden; and rulers who will kill to change the council. What kind of ruler will Eselda be? In this fantasy tale, a young princess must overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges as she prepares to take the throne of a kingdom in turmoil.

Redeeming Jordyn published the 19th April 2019

King Jordyn is realizing things in Fraun were not what they appeared to be. With Queen Eselda of Enchenda making the choice to side with King Tin of Sarcheda, it seems like war is coming to Fraun.
Does Jordyn have what it takes to save Fraun?

30 Days Without Wings published the 1st of May 2018

Elise is a faerie who has experienced terrible heartache and just needs a change before she is forced to choose the path she will walk forever. She will risk everything for one chance at happiness. But is the cost of the risk more than Elise bargained for?

I do love a story about Faeries who will risk anything for happiness so you can bet that I grabbed the e-book version of this book, and that cover is just irresistibly beautiful!

Projection published on the 4th of June 2019

No one types anything anymore. You simply think it, and it appears on the page. Sharing a memory with friends is as easy as recalling and sending it to a screen. The ubiquitous chip implanted in everyone’s wrist has made interaction with technology seamless and natural, almost making our tech an extension of ourselves. What happens when it goes wrong? Emma Johnson has enough problems. School, boys, and her firm-yet-aloof dad are enough to keep her on her toes. But everything falls apart when her most embarrassing thoughts and memories start to appear on any device she’s near. Why is this happening? Who can Emma trust?

There’s a variety of reads right there for you to get your teeth into! Whether you’re a kindle reader or prefer the feel of a paperback! AND it’s the Christmas month, so why not treat those bookworms in your life to something independently published? I hope I’ve introduced you to a read that may be on your 2020 best book list!

You can follow Tabatha on a multitude of sites that’ll keep you informed of her next books, including:

Twitter @ShipleyTabatha

Happy Reading.




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