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It’s finally officially the Christmas month of December and I’ve committed to *another* bookish month. Yes, I know, I know. I’ve just spent a whole month blogging for #Orentober, I should be in a blogging hibernation. Call me nuts, call me crazy, but i’m always one for a challenge.

So, #IndiesOfChristmas, what is it?

This idea gained momentum around July this year, when I decided that everyday of December I am going to spotlight an indie author and their workings. There are so many hidden gems underneath the mountain of mainstream published books, there are precious independently published books that may never hit the shelves in the biggest bookstores BUT they are there and they are brilliant. Read more indie.


My first book post was from an independent author, I had just started out, maybe with two posts published and he took a chance on this newbie blogger. At the beginning of the year I was poorly with the flu, could barely read but the book that took me out of my poorly body into a different world, even for a chapter was from an indie author that I now consider a great friend, always there with a tweet and support. And last but not least, one of my favourite Instagram buddies is an independent author and she is always there emotionally and mentally to support me, as well as that she is an absolutely brilliantly talented author whose work deserves to be read. My point is, indie authors have given me so much, from friendship, to support and superbly fantastic reads that have stayed with me way after reading.

So #31IndiesOfChristmas is about me giving support back to the independent writing community, to open your eyes to books and authors which may have never crossed your bookish radar, hopefully together we will open eyes to the hidden literary creations that I hope becomes some of your favourites. I recently had the opportunity to throw publishing questions at Orenda Books publishing assistant Cole Sullivan, who told me why it is so important to but indie reads, whether it’s an indie publisher or completely author independent. You can read the Q&A here!

How can you get involved?

Have you read and / or reviewed an indie read? Feel free to share your thoughts and reviews using the hashtag #IndiesOfChristmas. How can you help? You can review a read on Amazon, it only takes a few minutes to write a review, it doesn’t have to be 1000 words but a few sentences can really benefit an independently published author. Or even tag your favourite independent authors with their book links. Let’s make this Christmas indie.

I’d like to thank the authors who have taken time out to send me details, links etc. This isn’t a month of reviews, it’s a spotlight month and without their help I would never have been able to plan the posts. So thanks people, you’re all stars. I can’t wait to share some great authors and books with you. Let the festivities begin!






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