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#BookReview: Ticking Off Breast Cancer by Sara Liyanage @TickingOffBreastCancer @Hashtag_Press #Gifted #TickingOffBreastCancer #Review #PublicationWeek

A few months ago Hashtag Press was showcasing their newest book, Ticking Off Breast Cancer by Sara Liyanage and they were kind enough to put me on the blogging list. Hashtag Press are an independent publisher that I was introduced to through the Swansea Bloggers Collective, they publish a variety of genres but I do love their self -help books from Neeta Oza and memoir type reads, including this one.

Ticking Off Breast Cancer is out this week, the happiest of publication week to the unbelievable human that is Sara! You can check out The Ticking off Breast Cancer site here, as well as pre-ordering a copy of Sara’s book here, it’s officially out on the 26th of September so you’ve not long to wait!

Sara is the founder of, a website dedicated to helping people through their breast cancer treatment from diagnosis to living life to the full once treatment ends. Aged 42 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Sara decided to set up the website to help support those who do not know which way to turn for help after receiving a breast cancer diagnosis; those who are overwhelmed by the online support for breast cancer; and those who may be scared to go online for fear of what they might find. The website provides practical advice for each step of the way, together with many links and signposts to other online resources.

Previously an expert multi-tasker in her capacity as a busy, married, forty-two-year-old mother of two, and part time lawyer commuting into London, Sara managed her life by to-do list after to-do list. However, when breast cancer appeared on her list, Sara’s life was thrown upside down and she had to make a few changes.
With the combination of medical appointments, scans, and harsh treatment, Sara’s dignity, grace and composure all flew out the window, but she did retain the ability to get herself organised and make a few lists to help her through the treatment. Armed with a multitude of shopping lists, to-do lists and checklists, she made it through eighteen months of gruelling cancer treatment to the other side, where, for the past couple of years, she’s been basking in the glow of hair regrowth, new eyebrows and a renewed love for life.
Ticking Off Breast Cancer is a chronological narrative of Sara’s life from the day of her diagnosis and throughout her treatment. It follows Sara as she deals with the physical, emotional and mental challenges thrown at her by cancer and provides an honest insight into the treatment given to a breast cancer patient together with the impact that this has on someone’s life.
By sharing many of her to-do lists in the form of checklists at the end of each chapter, Ticking Off Breast Cancer provides thoughtful, helpful advice for every step of the way.  Whether read as a companion for someone going through cancer treatment themselves, or as a guide for someone with a loved one or friend going through cancer treatment, Ticking Off Breast Cancer provides support and encouragement throughout.

Between 2014 – 2016, there were 55,213 new cases of invasive breast cancer, on average. This means at least 55,213 lots of children, relatives and friends were attached to 55,213 people who was diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s not a small number and it also makes you realise how the ripples of medical diagnosis affects. Sara has compiled, not only her personal journey through the battle of primary breast cancer but also how, as a non-patient, help that person in your life with handy checklists – from medical appointments to how others can help.

I loved the many inspirational quotes that Sara started every chapter on, she chose ones that uplifted and put a smile on one’s face. Incredibly brawly written with her personal life experiences, Sara has laid everything onto the pages of this book, she’s quite literally poured out her heart, fears and feelings. Ticking Off Breast Cancer is an all access, all personal brave account of Sara’s cancer survival without pencilling out the dark and low days – very hard-hitting, while providing helpful tips from experience.

Thanks again to Hashtag Press or providing me with a copy of Ticking Off Breast Cancer, it was portentous and incredibly well written with informative tips for the individual and those around them.

Happy Reading.



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