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#ThePositivityWave #HappyThursday

Another week has flown and that means that it’s time for another Positivity Wave post, the concept was created by Meggy, who although has been poorly this week has still been lovely and flowery as usual! You should check out her blog here, or follow her on Twitter at ChoconWaffles!

So here’s my week of Positivity!

I’m so lucky that my family is one of a close knit nature, we weren’t always this way but I am so thankful to have such a supportive mother and a fantastic sister that I am so proud of. Thursday evening we had a lush family BBQ with the kids. I’m not one for full face paint but I tried a new lippy and I felt on top of the world, not quite Beyoncé but I was almost there… Well…

Naming flowers with my nephew, I think my sister thought I was crazy but he’s the cutest little plant name person! And yes, some of you already know that I’ll give pretty much anything a name, quirks! So the names were Fiona, Rebecca and Charlie (after the little man himself!)

In the summer holidays Lexi goes up her dads for two separate weeks, she came home Friday and we had the best evening on Saturday – popcorn and a tearjerker of a film The Iron Giant, (tissues required) recommended by someone who clearly knows their movies! It was a lush girls night in!

A woodland walk and bug spotting, before a spout of rain! It just makes me smile how the kids, especially my little explorer Lexi embraces it and gets right in there with the bugs and mud. We took photos! This is apparently a hover fly not a wasp!

I struggle a lot with motivation at times, last year I gave up smoking completely cold turkey and it was time to get fit now I wasn’t constantly pooped from walking up the stairs! So, I started the 30 days of cycling challenge and so far so good, it’s funny the energy you get when you believe in yourself, life is a journey right? I’ve also carried through every sweaty, saddle aching day, some days with a helping pep talk but a day is a day! I’ve also been informed by the 9 year old that I’ve lost a chin…. Aren’t kids lovely!

Precious moments like sleepy baby cuddles 😍

Blackberry picking again this week between rainy showers! Cleaned and eaten with the kids lunch, they loved it (although zach picked the red ones rather than, you know the ripe ones!) Also had a great run around the local castle ruin!

I’ve taken a month or two off full on blogging to concentrate not only on myself but on reading the proofs due out in a couple of weeks, a few of my chosen reads and of course #Orentober is coming, just over 7 weeks and a month of pure Orenda joy! I’m enjoying the Step back pace at the moment! Don’t worry though, I’ll be back to full blogging capacity soon!

I had a terribly tired day on Wednesday, I was up at around 3:30am – although I did finish my current read, eat breakfast, workout and shower by 9:30am so not too bad – but Lexi’s unicorn painting just made my day, it’s going in a frame!

So that’s it for my week of Positivity! This week has been filled with smiles and giggles, family time and cuddles with the kids! Personally I feel like I’m coming out of myself that extra bit more, while learning about myself! That’s always a positive, right?

How has everyone’s week been? Share your positives!

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8 thoughts on “#ThePositivityWave #HappyThursday

  1. Ah it was a great week! Yay! xxx


  2. What a fab week filled with wonderful moments and memories! Love the new lippy and that top looks great on you too 🙂 Hope you’re feeling the endophins from the fitness drive, it can be hard to stay motivated by know I’m cheering you on. Thanks for sharing these joys, it has inspired me to look back on my own week and reflect on the positives (I don’t always notice them at the time).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Bella! I haven’t worn lippy since I was pregnant 3 years ago so it was lovely to try out! Thankyou!
      Oh so much, no one likes exercise but after the achy bit afterwards Ive been feeling like I’m bossing it! Cut all the crap out of my diet (and life if I’m honest)
      This is why I love Meggy’s idea, because neither did I and now I appreciate the little things even more! If you do a post, can’t wait to read it! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Brilliant! Thrilled to hear you’re bossing it (but not surprised, I know you can!). Thanks, I might try to do a monthly one as it is still taking me most of a day to write a post and then most of another day to put it online, share on social media etc. and then of course the time it takes to do the thing I’m blogging about (i.e. read the book) I have to rest every 20-30 mins so everything takes much, much longer. But one at the end of August seems doable, made up of a weekly highlight or two.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thankyou, I’m trying 30 days of cycling so fingers crossed, 7 days are in the bag! That would be amazing! You could so do a monthly one! I can’t wait! Xx

        Liked by 1 person

  3. That lippy suits you, you look gorgeous! The 9yo telling you you’ve lost a chin made me laugh 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awh thanks Kelly!! She’s a little cheeky Miss 😂🙈 she’s lucky I love her lots!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. You look STUNNING in this picture! ❤
    I name everything, from the teapot to my TV xD
    Congrats on the cycling challenge! I've been kicking my ass to resume my yoga practice but with the heat, it's impossible!
    I love your collection of happy moments ❤ Thank you so much for this wave xxx


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