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Sometimes the truth is best hidden. When You Disappeared by @johnmarrs1 @AmazonPub #WhenYouDisappeared

All she wanted was the truth, but she’ll wish she never found out.

When Catherine wakes up alone one morning, she thinks her husband has gone for a run before work. But Simon never makes it to the office. His running shoes are by the front door. Nothing is missing―except him.

Catherine knows Simon must be in trouble. He wouldn’t just leave her. He wouldn’t leave the children.

But Simon knows the truth―about why he left and what he’s done. He knows things about his marriage that it would kill Catherine to find out. The memories she holds onto are lies.

While Catherine faces a dark new reality at home, Simon’s halfway around the world, alive and thriving. He’s doing whatever it takes to stay one step ahead of the truth.

But he can’t hide forever, and when he reappears twenty-five years later, Catherine will finally learn who he is.

And wish she’d stayed in the dark.

Yes, yes, I know that this is the third review of a John Marrs book in three days but I just couldn’t resist – he’s a damn good writer and these books need shouting about. You can also bet that I immediately purchased another of his books immediately, because now I’m all run out! When You Disappeared is one of John Marrs’ earlier books, which means it’s available now for your bookish needs, you can grab a copy here. Also, why not check out yesterday and Friday’s Marrs reviews?

One kind of book that I am always in the mood for, is a domestic novel with a weaving of thrill run through it – but it doesn’t have to have that big twist or explosive finale, it just needs to be cleverly calculated, mysterious and have characters who claw themselves deep underneath your skin. This is why I adored When He Disappeared, we are initially introduced to Simon, who ups and leaves his wife Catherine with their three children, without any reason why. I used many words to describe Simon when I talked about him during a book chat, none of them are appropriate here, but he’s one character that I detested – his behaviour and the attitude made by blood boil and I think that’s what kept me reading – could this person really be that much of a selfish individual? Catherine is like the day to Simon’s night, she’s left lost by the Simon shaped hole in her life, but as the chapters go on, you’ll love her!

The storyline is split in a similar fashion as What Lies Between Us is, it’s one of the reasons that I feel so captivated by John’s work, the storyline is told not only with the use of a dual narrative that flicks between Catherine and Simon, but also between timelines from 25 years to the present day. There’s authors who do this well, then there are authors who write this way so spectacularly that you swear they made a deal at a crossroads with the Devil himself – John Marrs is one of those spectaculars. With every flick of timeline and perspectives, you can feel yourself getting more and more immersed within the lives of the characters, with every chapter the events begin to unravel until you feel like you can’t breathe from the taut revelations, the tightly wound events and the truths that will change the lives of those involved! When You Disappeared is a skilfully executed domestic thriller that has characters that will either have you rooting for them or screaming profanities at them from the reading chair of your choice, you will be gripped, stunned and satisfied!

So there you have it, the last of my John Marrs trio of reviews, I’ve loved every book in their own individual ways and I’ve become more of a fan of his work – I can’t wait to catch up on the rest of his novels. Thanks for checking out my thoughts on When You Disappeared, if you haven’t read it yet, you really should.

Until next time,
Happy reading!

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