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We are here for the first #IndiesOfChristmas post of the day, where I get the opportunity to spotlight some fantastic indie authors and their works. Today’s independent author is Jesse Pohlman who received his BA in History in 2006, then followed it up in 2007 with an MA in secondary education! If that wasn’t enough for him, in 2009 he went on to study his BA in English. Afterwards he went on to teach children with special needs, while running his own classroom.

Jessie says that he started writing when he was 12 years old, he’s since embraced two type of writings, fiction and non-fiction, from science fiction and fantasy novels, where the protagonist may weld a sword while fighting a 12 foot robot. To political and newsworthy non-fiction, that is well researched and focuses of problematic solutions. Jesse’s writing goal is to help change the world, because it can be down with one person at a time (I love that and truly believe it!)  Jesse Pohlman is both an author and an educator from Long Island, New York. You can find out more about him at his website: .You can also follow Jesse on Facebook and Twitter.

All Jesse’s books are available in kindle format that you can purchase from Amazon through his website that I’ve previously mentioned. Jesse has three series written, new books of two series due to arrive soon. But why not check out the first book of each series? Don’t worry, I got you covered, check out these blurbs!

Pillars Of The Kingdom, Volume 1: The Forming

The Kingdom of Emor has enjoyed thirty years of relative peace after a brutal civil war. Now, the clouds of violence hover over the horizon, and a cadre of adventurers with different goals and outlooks must take to defending their kingdom and it’s ideals. They just have to find out what they believe in, first!

Branden Frost is the Lord of Icebridge, a populist leader with hidden motives who is hailed as the fastest warrior in Emor; Clarice Saffron, called “Blind Justice” in honor of her fighting style, struggles with accepting her inner nature and romantic inclinations in the face of simmering religious tensions; Jacin Lancir is a novice soldier trying to find his calling, only to find that it is the most intense summons possible.

These three, and many others, are called upon to save their kingdom from ancient demons, technological monstrosities, and even one of their own. In a world where monsters yield the very fuel of technology and where magic meets the body and makes it better, the normal rules of sword and sorcery go right out the window!

The second series started by Jesse, is Protostar. Originally conceived up as part of the 2012 National Novel Writing Month, the Protostar series features Lahira Ocean, a plucky Human from the planet Magellan who is ‘lucky’ enough to be the Chief Navigator of the battleship George Washington when it makes the fourth known contact with a new alien species. Unlike the Aquarians, Firions, and Automatons, this new interstellar neighbor does not bring peace, strength, or neutrality to the universe; rather, it draws Lahira into the jowls of her fate. The books are available in both kindle and paperback formats.

Protostar: Memoirs Of The messenger (Book One)

Ensign Lahira Ocean is the chief navigator of the Human battleship, the “George Washington.” Born on the world Magellan, she comes from a wealthy family and joined the fleet as a precursor to her future as a trade magnate; aside from astronomic charts and hyper-drive calculations, she studies history as a pass-time as well as a rationalization for her circumstances. She regularly muses retirement, despite her incredible skill in military affairs. Fate intervenes when another world, Hudson, picks up an group of alien ships heading straight for it. The “George Washington” is deployed to help handle this initial contact, but the exact nature of the response is as shocking as it is stereotypical of a 20th or 21st century science-fiction epic!

Now, Lahira has little choice but to accept command of a brand new generation of ship, one born just on the temporal edge of a war unlike any Mankind has seen before. Bringing together a hard-nosed specialist in military doctrine, a free-wheeling reformed space pirate, a nonchalant communications expert, and her own chief rival as a chief navigator, can the now-Captain manage to survive her own crew long enough to face the alien menace? What has made these foreigners so ready to wage war against any species it meets? Will she be up to the task of leading the counter-attack against these mysterious Orphans?

The next series is Physics Incarnate, that follows the character, Emmmet Eisenberg who was a seemingly-ordinary professor of Physics at (the entirely fictional) Catskill Community College.

By his mid-thirties, he’d settled in to a fairly routine line – he was dating the associate chair of the Psychology department, Maria Montclaire, had a comfortable salary leaving him wanting for nothing, and had students who tried even when they failed. A chance visit from his old friend Jethro Marx changed all of that. Suddenly, Emmett was having dinner with his old colleagues who he’d worked with at Connor Point, a now-defunct research facility in Africa. Maria’s amusement with Emmett’s friends began to shift when one of them started talking about his freelance work with the CIA. When Emmett’s former colleague Erica Hall reveals to her what led to Connor Point’s cancellation, Maria is unable to cope with Emmett’s history and the new dangers that seek to putan end to his happiness – and his life..Suddenly, Emmett is thrust back into a hellscape of working with other super-human people who had just wanted to escape to a better life, and he and his old collaborators discover that they are far from the only people on Earth who have abilities that far exceed that of normal people. As he finally takes responsibility for his deeds, Emmett and his friends are called upon to investigate strange radio signals coming out of a private laboratory in Alaska. Calling upon their un-natural abilities, will Emmett’s power to re-shape inanimate matter at whim turn out to be the world’s salvation, or will he turn out to be too weak and too unwilling to complete the task?

There, what more can you ask for than the appeal of three science fiction / fantasy series? If it’s not usually your thing, why not make dipping your toe into the unknown genre ocean a new years resolution? I did that this year, and I found some true sparklers hidden under the surface – although I am still very much a crime thriller addict.

Has one (or more) of Jesse’s books caught your eye? Have you read some already? What ones and what were your thoughts? Share your thoughts in the comments, tweet me your thoughts, whatever way you want to share please use #IndiesOfChristmas!

Happy Reading.


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