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Who do you believe? Good Husbands by Cate Ray @CateRayAuthor @RandomTTours @SeptemberBooks #GoodHusbands #PsychologicalThriller

Jess, Priyanka and Stephanie are all happily married to men they think they know inside out.

Then each woman receives a letter accusing her husband of involvement in a sexual assault that took place 20 years ago.

Who do they believe, what should they do and can they come together as their lives are upended?

A compelling, beautifully crafted thriller about consent, friendship and prejudice which asks – would you sacrifice your family life in support of another woman?

Happy Friday and welcome to the Reading Closet on the day of our blog tour spot for the Good Husbands tour. Thank you Anne Cater for having me onboard the tour, and to September Publishing for providing me with a copy of Cate Ray’s newest book in preparation of my review.

I was so intrigued by the sound of Good Husbands when it hit my inbox, when three wives recieve a letter containing an explosive secret involving their husbands – the question is, what will they do when they receive it? The context is, their husbands have been accused of committing sexual assault more than 20 years prior, but with little evidence apart from the word of someone linked to the victim, all three wives fall into this complex moral dilemma – do they confront their husbands? Do they carry on with their lives hoping that the secret never reveals itself again? I really loved the concept, especially during the time where historic cases of sexual assault are resurfacing and the rise of the #MeToo movement – delayed justice, but when these women become entwined in each others lives how will they react, and would we react in the same way?

I really enjoyed the level of tension that echoed throughout Good Husbands, and how Cate focused on the character building and their individual relationships with one another and their husbands. I felt that the female characters were similar and clicked, yet different enough to stand out, with their husbands mirroring this to a degree. I flew through the pages, intoxicated by the storyline and sat captivated as the puzzle pieces began to drop into place for the women.

Good Husbands is a book, sadly, of our time, one that you can’t help get emotively enveloped within and starting some conversations and discussions about. Cleverly written from various view points, excluding some injected extracts from the victim’s diary, which kept a the novel going at a consistent pace. I really enjoyed Good Husbands, and I was left reeling! Definitely a read to add to you TBR!

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