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Narrator Q&A with Annabelle Indge! #AnnabelleIndge @UlverscroftLTD #ShatteredBones #QAndA #Interview #Narrator #Spotlight #Audiobook

Happy Sunday!
I hope that you’re all well! Today I’m sharing a Q&A quickie with the narrator of Shattered Bones by Kate Bendelow, the current book in the Ulverscroft LTD tour spotlight. I was thrilled to be asked to organise this audiobook tour, as well as having the opportunity to interview the wonderful voice behind the audiobook – Annabelle Indge!

Shattered Bones is the second book in the SOCO Maya Barton series, written by Kate Bendelow and read by Annabelle Indge. This incredible audiobook was published by the fabulous Isis Audio on the 1st April, and can be purchased here.

SOCO Maya Barton is called to a canal where a heavily decomposed male body has been discovered. A bank card belonging to Trevor Dawlish is found in the cadaver’s pocket, and the name matches that of a missing person. All seems straightforward – until Trevor’s wife phones the police to say that Trevor has returned home, leaving Maya and the team wondering who the unknown male is. 
When it’s revealed that the male was dead before he entered the water, Maya finds herself with a murder on her hands. But when another body is discovered, the case becomes further complicated. The hope is that facial reconstruction of the first victim will help solve the mystery – but it may lead Maya and her team down an even darker path.

Thanks to Annabelle for taken the time to answer some of my questions, it’s so great to get to know the person behind the audiobook production!
Without further distraction, dear reader, here’s my mini Q&A with Annabelle, enjoy!

  1. Could you please introduce yourself?
    I’m Annabelle, Senior Audio Producer at Isis Audio. I co-lead the Oxford-based Post Production department – running a team of producers and organising the editing and mastering of over 60 titles a month. I also have a home studio and work as a voiceover artist.
  2. How did you become a book narrator?
    My background is in teaching and audio production but I actually started working as a voiceover artist when I lived in Italy, in around 2007. Fast forward to 2020, Sarah Bennett, a Boldwood author, heard my voice on an Ulverscroft podcast and asked if I would read her Mermaids Point series. That led to more offers of work.
  3. SOCO Maya Barton, how did you get into the mind of Maya?
    Kate’s really strong on character description so that made my job easy. I found Maya easy to identify with. She speaks her mind and pays the price for it. I like her because she’s sassy and flawed and slightly out of her depth and that’s very relatable.
  4. How do you separate yourself from narrating to producing? Does each role help you to work the other?
    I’m good at putting different hats on to play different roles. Producing definitely helps with narrating and vice versa.  When I’m narrating I try to make the producer’s job easier by spotting my own misreads, re-reading if my tummy rumbles etc. As a producer I try to remember how tiring narrating is and how nice it is to have your confidence boosted. 
  5. If you could narrate any book, past, present, or future, what would it be and why?
    Great question! PD James’ An Unsuitable Job for a Woman. Cordelia is such a great character and this book has a brilliant plot with lots of twists.
  6. How would you describe Shattered Bones in three words?
    Tense, emotive, shocking.
  7. What is a fun fact about you? 
    I learnt to speak Chinese on a 3 month crash course in Beijing.
  8. Is there a question that you wish I’d asked but didn’t?
    Which voices do you most enjoy narrating?
    The baddies!!

At that’s a wrap!
What questions would you have asked Annabelle?

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