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Step into The Even Stranger Days of Christmas…. Written by Syd Moore, narrated by Julia Barrie. @SydMoore1 #JuliaBarrie @IsisAudio #TheEvenStrangerDaysOfChristmas #12AudiobooksOfChristmas #AudiobookReview #Day9

As dark winter nights draw in, prepare to lose yourself in the world of the peculiar. With a tale for each day of the festive period and an unlucky thirteenth, Christmas is not the only spirit in these pages. ’Tis the season for sacrificial feasts, cultish communities and sinister rituals. So wrap up warm and get ready to be terrified and delighted as you journey from the spooky to the downright strange.

Hello, you come to my blog on the 9tb day of Twelve Audiobooks of Christmas…. *Said in the Godfather’s voice*

Welcome to my day on the Isis Audio Christmas-eque audiobook tour! Thanks goes to Isis Audio, and especially Aimee, who not only allowed me to help organise the tour, and provided me with a free copy, but also allowed me to be a part of it and review Syd Moore’s The Twelve Even Stranger Days of Christmas audiobook, narrated by the incredible Julia Barrie!

So let’s talk Syd Moore’s incredible sense of creativity when it comes to sewing together this collection of short stories which will thrill you, chill you and keep you entertained until the last minute. Each installment, all thirteen of them, gave a unique impact to the reader, in this case, myself! I sometimes find myself losing interest in short stories because writers are afraid to create layers to them because of that pesky word count but Syd has penned several stories of varying lengths that have layers upon layers, along with creativity and attention grabbing unfoldings! Each title had me captivated, especially After the Party, Christmas Dates (this one had me gasping loudly on the train!) And First Magus – all quirky and shocking, written absolutely fantastically and is a reminder of why different, especially Syd different is THE BEST!!

Okay, this is an audiobook review so obviously I’m going to talk about the talented voice actor who narrated Syd Moore’s collection of short stories, Julia Barrie. This is the second book I’ve listened to with Julia as the narrator and I’m always in awe of how she not only brings the characters to life, but also how she gets the atmosphere and feel of the different storylines so on point. It’s like a superpower! I had to constantly remind myself that one person has voiced everything you hear in this book and gosh she’s done it so unbelievably well, her along with Syd’s writing is a match made in audiobook fan heaven.

Last but not least, Isis Audio continue to produce and publish entertaining and on point audiobooks without flaws. Along with the help of their audiobook proof listeners, I know that everything that’s produced from this company with their army of fab editors, narrators, and everything in between, I’m set for a ear enjoyably great book journey! So thankyou Isis Audio!

The Twelve Even Stranger Days of Christmas is available NOW in audiobook, so what are you waiting for? Go grab a copy!!

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