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” All I want is the truth, or as close as I can get to it.” A Rattle of Bones by Douglas Skelton @DouglasSkelton1 @IsisAudio #RebeccaConnollyThriller

A Rattle of Bones

In 1752, Seamus a’Ghlynne, James of the Glen, was executed for the murder of government man Colin Campbell. He was almost certainly innocent.

When banners are placed at his gravesite claiming that his namesake, James Stewart, is innocent of murder, reporter Rebecca Connolly smells a story. The young Stewart has been in prison for ten years for the brutal murder of his lover, lawyer and politician Murdo Maxwell, in his Appin home. Rebecca soon discovers that Maxwell believed he was being followed prior to his murder and his phones were tapped.

Why is a Glasgow crime boss so interested in the case? As Rebecca keeps digging, she finds herself in the sights of Inverness crime matriarch Mo Burke, who wants payback for the damage caused to her family in a previous case.

Set against the stunning backdrop of the Scottish Highlands, A Rattle of Bones is a tale of injustice and mystery, and the echo of the past in the present.

How exciting is this? Another spotlight day in the week celebrating the audiobook publication of A Rattle of Bones by Douglas Skelton, narrated by the very talented Sarah Barron. Thanks so much to Isis Audio for providing me with a copy of this book to fall into in preparation of the tour.

Isis Audio pride themselves on publishing high quality audiobooks and they NEVER disappoint! A Rattle of Bones has one of the best narrators that I have had the privilege of coming across, Sarah Barron is the voice of this novel! Sarah has taken the individuals Douglas crafted into his storyline and provided them with their own, perfectly fitting voices – it’s a superpower, I couldn’t imagine characters, such as Rebecca or even Mo Burke sound any differently. What I also loved about Sarah’s narration is her ability to pore all the needed emotions into the storyline that has important themes, such as dangerous prejudices, weaved through it. I felt myself holding my breath, slipping further and further into Rebecca Connolly’s world – one that will have you looking over your shoulder throughout.

Behind every great audiobook is a great written book! A Rattle of Bones is the third installment of the Rebecca Connolly series written by Douglas Skelton. This is my first book from Douglas, which indicates that you can jump right in here – but trust me when I say that you WILL want to start from the beginning, if only to gain that sense of character development element. Let’s start with our protagonist, Rebecca is a strong, intellectual and strong minded individual, who not only has a witty charm but also strives for justice. I loved that she’s a journalist, seeped in morals and ethics, with the truth and justice at the heart of her belief system. Rebecca agrees to delve into the case belonging to James Stewart, an individual who proclaims his innocence, at the suggestion of his mother.

“I will follow this as much as I can, but I won’t manipulate and I won’t suppress anything. To put it bluntly, if I find anything that doesn’t help your son’s case then I’m not going to ignore it. All I want is the truth, or as close as I can get to it.”
– Rebecca Connolly

Douglas pens an utterly captivating thriller, mixed with a healthy essence of crime fiction. This slice of dark and suspenseful will grasp you from the first chapter, leaving you engulfed within the world he’s created (and a lot on edge!) I also thoroughly enjoyed the historical tie-in which mirrors the present storyline perfectly. I feel, as a reader (and audiobook listener) that it takes a great author to be able to get the past – present balance of a novel just right and MY GOSH Douglas has achieved that to a T! The elements of A Rattle of Bones kept me wanting more, had me lost within the layers of plotline and entwining characterizations. I loved Rebecca, how when faced with threats and danger she looked it in the eye amicably and strove for what she knows to be right.

I am so annoyed at myself for not reading and Douglas Skelton books already, so I’ve gone back and purchased the first two of this fabulously set, brilliantly written and perfectly atmospheric series – I encourage you to also!

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