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Tour Day! She’s Mine by A.A Chaudhuri @AAChaudhuri @HeraBooks #ShesMine

She's Mine: A gripping psychological thriller with a truly jaw-dropping twist by [A. A. Chaudhuri]
She's Mine: A gripping psychological thriller with a truly jaw-dropping twist by [A. A. Chaudhuri]

Her missing daughter was just the start of the nightmare
Twenty years ago, Christine Donovan took a call she should have ignored while shopping. In those few seconds while her back was turned, her toddler, Heidi, was kidnapped. She’s never been seen again.
Despite having two other children with husband Greg, Christine remains guilt-stricken that her neglect caused her child to be stolen, while haunted by a secret that consumes her.
Just as she takes measures to finally heal, a note is posted through her door, with the words she has always longed to hear: Heidi isn’t dead.
Christine might finally get the answers she craves – but what she doesn’t know is that finding her daughter will uncover dark secrets close to home.
In seeking the truth, Christine might destroy everything that she loves … so how far is she willing to go to find Heidi?

It’s my day on the blog tour for She’s mine by A. A. Chaudhuri, one of my favourite authors ever… in case you didn’t know! She’s Mine is A. A. Chaudhuri’s debut psychological thriller, that has been published in eBook on the 18th of August by Hera Books, with the paperback publication quickly approaching on the 26th of August.

I’d like to thank Keshini and Hera Books for sending me out an electronic copy of She’s mine in preparation for this review tour.

I have been a huge fan of A. A. Chaudhuri since I first came across The Scribe, a thriller that I fell head over heels with – but boy, has Alex upped her game. She’s Mine is completely different from anything A. A. Chaudhuri has written, this psychological thriller will root itself in your mind and keep you grasped (and breathless) until the very last page.

The main character of She’s mine is Christine, a mother of three – one who was abducted from a shopping cart while Christine answered a phone call. The guilt of this event seeps into her family life, she neglects her remaining children, and she holds her husband Greg at arm’s length. Her hope of her missing daughter, Heidi, being still alive consumes her, she craves answers until one day she final receives a note to say that all her hopes have come true.

 What initial drew me in to the storyline, apart from the writing, was the unlikeable characters. I think it’s easy to create likeable narratives, but it takes looking deeper under the surface of humanity to create characters which create a ‘what the hell’ emotional response in the reader. So, we have what seems as a nuclear family, a tragedy and somewhat, domestic disconnect, but below that surface, we have tightly twisted lies, betrayal, scandal and a thread of evil floating throughout. A. A. Chaudhuri is a genius, she’s managed to capture a darkness within the pages of She’s Mine which will have your heart-pounding and your stomach in your mouth with the razor sharpness of the events in She’s Mine.

I greedily inhaled this dark, twisted psychological thriller, She’s Mine had my suspicions peaked at every interval, with the short, intense chapters, boy was I on high alert. I loved the frayed family relationships angle, the dark intentions swimming through the plot and the tightly curled twists that quite frankly blew my mind, I was hooked like a fish on a line from the beginning.

She’s Mine is a psychological thriller that, especially the second half, levels up in tension, leaving your nerves in shreds and your heart in your mouth. This book needs a warning, for the reader to prepare a dark room for when finished. A. A. Chaudhuri has built characters with a connected foundation who have been nurtured under her watchful eye into creations with faults, flaws, and stripped-down selfish humanities, bathing themselves and the storyline in betrayal, lies, scandal and all the things in-between. An excellently crafted psychological thriller which will deliver a much-needed chill this scorching summer!

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