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Best friends. Love. Life and Drama. Kate In Waiting by Becky Albertalli @BeckyAlbertalli @PenguinPlatform @WriteReadsTours #YoungAdults #KateInWaiting

Kate Garfield
Anderson Walker

Best friends, and contrary to popular belief, not co-dependent. Examples:

Carpooling to and from theatre rehearsals? Environmentally sound and efficient.
Consulting each other on every single life decision? Basic good judgment.
Pining for the same guys from afar? Shared crushes are more fun anyway.

But when Kate and Andy’s latest long-distance crush shows up at their school, everything goes off-script.

Enter Stage Left: Matt Olsson

He is talented and sweet, and Kate likes him. She really likes him. The only problem? So does Anderson.

Turns out, communal crushes aren’t so fun when real feelings are involved. This one might even bring the curtains down on Kate and Anderson’s friendship…

I have been so excited to read Kate In Waiting by Becky Albertalli, so when The Write Reads invited me to be a part of an ultimate tour in celebration of its publication I obviously said yes! Thanks to Penguin Books for gifting me a copy to read in preparation of the tour, as well as The Write Reads for having me on-board the tour. Kate In Waiting was published in paperback, eBook and audiobook on the 22nd of April, you can buy a physical copy here, if you so wish.

I am usually a thriller reader, I like my books dark and gritty, but sometimes one needs a palate cleanser and Kate In Waiting was the cleanse that my readers palate needed, I inhaled it within 24 hours and I felt like a brand new blogger. Kate In Waiting is a coming-of-age high school drama entwined around a romcom core that will see our main character Kate coming face-to-face with teenage life obstacles, such as hormones, crushes, embarrassment and friendships, as well as the difficulties that come hand in hand with growing up. I couldn’t help see a part of my own self in Kate’s character, the awkwardness and lack of understanding about the world around her, a bit like Bambi – but as the storyline begins to unravel, we begin to see her self-awareness blooming, teetering across that like of teenager to young adult and I was all there for it.

Kate In Waiting is very much a more character driven novel than plot driven, I am not complaining, I loved the selection of characters Becky has created, and the inclusion of LGBTQA+ characters always makes me smile plus I really loved Anderson, Kate’s best friend, who also has a crush on Matt, Kate’s crush. This is how the novel begins with friendly romantic competition between the two friends which then spirals and threatens the pairs relationship. Again, a perfect example of the heightened emotions of being a teenager. Kate In Waiting is an easy, absorbing and fresh read with a dashing of humour that will make you smile, the range of characters didn’t create a complex storyline – each individual was clearly separated from one another with different attributes and attitudes. I think the only thing I rolled my eyes at was the overuse of ‘f-boy’ that did become a little grating at times but it didn’t affect the amount of enjoyment I got from reading the novel.

I’d definitely recommend this coming-of-age novel for all ages, could be wonderfully paired with a sunny setting and a cold drink – a great Spring / Summer read.

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1 thought on “Best friends. Love. Life and Drama. Kate In Waiting by Becky Albertalli @BeckyAlbertalli @PenguinPlatform @WriteReadsTours #YoungAdults #KateInWaiting

  1. Fab review!


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