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Vigilante. Victims. Vengeance. Girl, 11 by Amy Suiter Clarke @ASuiterClarke @PoppyBookPR @PushkinPress #Girl11 #Debut

True-crime podcaster Elle Castillo has been obsessed with The Countdown Killer for decades. Twenty years ago, he established a gruesome pattern of taking and murdering three girls over seven days, each a year younger than the last. No one’s ever known why he followed this pattern, or why they stopped abruptly after the eleventh victim. Most believe him to be dead. Elle knows he is not and is hellbent on serving historic justice.

When the kidnappings start up once again, Elle must confront her responsibility in forcing the killer out of hiding. She needs to stop the deadly countdown and convince both the authorities and her podcast audience, before the Countdown Killer can claim his next victim.

Thanks so much to Poppy for kindly sending me a copy of Amy Suiter Clarke’s debut novel Girl, 11 to read and review prior to its June publication. I loved it and could not put it down!

If you’re looking for a hot summer published read and Girl, 11 isn’t on your anticipated reads list, it should be and you can pre-order for its 3rd of June release here.

I love those books that you can’t wait to jump on the laptop and review as soon as you finish the last page, this was absolutely me after turning the final page of Girl, 11 by Amy Suiter Clarke, a phenomenally written debut that incorporates a storyline written from Elle’s view point as she investigates the allusive and evil The Countdown Killer, while also injecting podcast formatting chapters that get right under the skin of the killer and his behaviour surrounding him kidnapping a number of women and girls. Amy entwines offender psychology under the microscope which grasped me further into the novel, as well as creating a shield of sympathy for victims, not only the fictional ones you will come across in Girl, 11 but those non-fictional cases that shake the world. The extent of research that Amy has obviously delved into has helped to create this astonishing multi-layered debut – I finished reading with my jaw on the floor and wide eyed.

Elle Castillo has become obsessed with uncovering the identity of The Countdown Killer, she craves that understanding, of why he follows such a ritual and what it means to him. She investigates the deepest psychology of psychopathy related to violent criminals, with podcast interviews with her pathologist husband and a variety of individuals closest to the case, Elle begins to dig further into the case while also getting under the skin of the investigators surrounding the case. Unbeknown to Elle, someone is lurking in the shadows, ready to claim his next victim and complete his countdown. Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps.

As if the storyline was not perfectly sewn together enough, Amy also incorporates an extra layering by injecting another narrative into the fold, one that is both sinister and necessary, gripping the reader further then leaving them shook with climatic reveals, a storyline that is nail-gnawingly sinister, suspenseful, and exquisite. I love true crime podcasts, books, and documentaries – if you do too, this taut, enthralling debut thriller is absolutely for you! Pre-order it, support a new author and read a damn good book while you are at it!

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