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Trauma. Truth. Sins. Sins of the Father by Sharon Bairden @SBairden @RedDogTweets @RousselMeggy #Debut #SinsOfTheFather

Lucas Findlay thinks he has struck gold when he marries Rebecca, but she married him for one reason only – to destroy him.
Trauma runs deep

When her past comes back to haunt her, Rebecca begins to disconnect from herself and the world around her. As secrets are unearthed, she begins to fear for her sanity … and her life.

Truth will out

With her world unravelling around her, Rebecca clings to her determination to make Lucas pay, whatever the cost.

Forgive his sins

But someone must pay for the sins of the father…

Happy 1st of December and welcome to my day on theblog tour for Sins of the Father, written by Red Dog Press’ debut author Sharon Bairden. Thanks Red Dog Press for the gifted eBook copy of this book and especially to Meggy for inviting me to be a part of the celebrations.

Sons of the Father was published on the 27th of November in paperback and eBook, you can order directly from Red Dog Press here, where your physical book will be wrapped with love and sent directly to your door!

Honestly, I cant quite believe that Sins of the Father is Sharon’s debut novel. One of the main things that draws me head over heals into a novel is the authors ability to create authentic characters, ones that clench your heart in their hands with the use of their voice alone. Through Rebecca’s
narrative Sharon gripped my heartstrings and tugged me further into the chaotic life of her protagonist. Rebecca is an invisible with many wounds, physical, mental and emotional, an individual whose roots of intense trauma runs deep,
beneath the facade of a wife lies the darkness of pain. Your adrenaline will begin to pump as the storyline begins to unravel and merges with Lucas’ who has begun to experience
some unwanted and sinister attention. Sharon has written a chillingly emotive storyline that has executed in such a pristine way that wrenches your heart while also
giving you goosebumps.

Sins of the Father has many incorporated themes sewn into its core, including pain, trauma and emotional disconnect, alongside the
connection of sanity and survival. I felt that this debut, with it’s splash of
revenge, suspenseful perplexity and spine-chilling plotline created for a
captivating novel that increases in tension from chapter to chapter. I became both mentally and emotionally invested in Rebecca’s story as well as the unravelling sequence of events. I was left both shocked and satisfied. I can’t wait for future works from Sharon.

Thanks again Red Dog Press and Meggy for inviting me to be a

part of this tour for Sharon’s debut, I loved it!

Make sure to keep tabs on the blog tour using the hashtag

#SinsOfTheFather and find out why this book is a worthy edition to your TBR pile.

Until next time,

Happy reading!

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1 thought on “Trauma. Truth. Sins. Sins of the Father by Sharon Bairden @SBairden @RedDogTweets @RousselMeggy #Debut #SinsOfTheFather

  1. I can’t thank you enough for taking part in this tour! ❤


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