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Here’s a #ThrowbackPost of my review of The Scribe by @AAChaudhuri #TheScribe #BookReview #IndiePublishers

Everyone who knows me KNOWS that I can’t say no to a thriller blog tour, so when I was approached by Hannah over at Endeavour Media requesting me to take part in The Scribe tour was an immediate ‘YES’ and aren’t I glad that I did! The Scribe is the first book of the Kramer & Carver Thriller series, it’s a enthralling thriller with a sprinkle of humour to lighten its hardened crime nature.

This is A.A Chaudhuri’s newest novel, which was published in e-book format on the 1st of July and in paperback from the 8th of July. Which means, you can immediately grab yourself a copy here! If you’re a kindle reader, you can pre-order for only 99p! BARGAIN!

A. A. Chaudhuri is a former City lawyer. Once a highly ranked British junior tennis player, she went on to gain a degree in History at University College London, then trained as a solicitor and worked for several major London law firms before leaving law to pursue her passion for writing. In addition to books featuring the feisty Maddy Kramer, she has written four stand-alone novels, including racy thriller, Illicit Retainers, and political thriller, The Darker Side of White. She lives in Surrey with her family.

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I must admit that the blurb itself caught me, hook, line and sinker!

Madeline Kramer has come far since losing her parents aged nine. Raised by her grandmother, she has a flourishing career at a top City law firm and a tight-knit group of friends. But when a colleague and former classmate of hers is found shot dead in a meeting room, her chest inscribed with Contract, Maddy’s ordered life is turned upside down.
It soon becomes clear that the killer is targeting former students at Maddy’s old law college, killing them according to a pattern corresponding with the legal syllabus, and in carefully chosen locations. More disconcerting are riddles sent by the killer to the investigating officer, DCI Jake Carver, claiming to offer clues as to the next victim and location.
It’s a race against time as the bodies stack up and Maddy must deal with personal loss, unscramble complex riddles, and put her own life, and the lives of others, on the line. The action crescendos to a thrilling conclusion and a final twist.

I was lulled into a dark twisty storyline after a female is murdered at her place of work; Sarah is an ex-student of The Bloomsbury Academy of Law. Immediately, as a reader, you’re set up to expect the unexpected in a world of conspiracy where everyone is a suspect and everyone could be selected as the sadistic serial killers next victim. We have increased jealousy amongst peers, as they fight for not only the chance of their dream career, but to turn the eye of the attractive and highly intelligent law professor, James Stirling.

The Scribe ties together a multitude of dialogues from various characters, including the professor, Chief Inspector Jake Carver and an upcoming lawyer Madeline Kramer, who is also a previous peer of those individual’s who have fallen victim to frenzied blood lust. Together they must race against time to find the answers to the murderers riddles that lead to the next victim, I found this to be an unexpected addition that got my pulse racing! Be prepared to buckle your reader’s seatbelt because this novel is anything but a walk in the park. What always impresses me, although obviously thriller writers research, is the extent to which they do – A.A Chaudhuri has clearly immersed herself into the workings of not only police procedures and law around crimes, such as murder, but it is also clear that she has been mindful to include a great deal of forensic elements. In this case I would describe it as a legal crime thriller and that is one of the main reasons that I was so bloody engrossed!

What an attention grabbing warped mind A. A Chaudhuri has! She’s managed to pen a devious serial killer with a distorted taste for murder inscribing female victims with their law specialities! How brutally, yet deliciously sick is that?! The killer’s complete identity is hidden completely, no personal details are given away so you’re completely and utterly kept in the dark, gripped until it’s time for the big reveal. I felt that The scribe was the perfect balance of thrill and blood – it was packed to the brim with action, jealousy, revenge, i and murderous escapades, don’t miss the beginnings of this cracking thriller series!

The storyline is written in such way that is free flowing without major complexity, with taut events occurring, heart racing breaks in the case are constantly thrown at you. Each chapter is time and date labelled which allows the reader to follow the chronological events unfolding. A.A’s attention to detail is phenomenal, in terms of visualisation and character building / portrayal. I absolutely adore both Carver and Kramer, I think they are most definitely a quality crime fighting duo!

I loved this rollercoaster thriller, it is most definitely one for the diehard thriller fans! I loved the excitement of the chase, with Maddy and Carver racing against a death clock to save the victims. If you’re a reader like me, who can’t help but fully commit to a crime thriller series, this is the one for you and… the second instalment is due to be published this Christmas! Who doesn’t love a bit of cutthroat crime thriller with their turkey?! The Abduction will be available to pre-order soon!

Happy reading!

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