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There’s something about Needless Street. The Last House on Needless Street by Catriona Ward @CatrionaWard @ViperBooks #TheLastHouseOnNeedlessStreet #MiniMondays

This is the story of a serial killer. A stolen child. Revenge. Death. And an ordinary house at the end of an ordinary street.

All these things are true. And yet they are all lies…
You think you know what’s inside the last house on Needless Street. You think you’ve read this story before. That’s where you’re wrong.
In the dark forest at the end of Needless Street, lies something buried. But it’s not what you think…

The last house on needless street is
a true enigma of a read. This is a novel that entwines together the ribbons of several genres. There’s a plait of human horror, gothic fiction and the bow of thoughtful literary fiction, one that lies a shapeless lesson and a shocking truth. Catriona plants a concept, one that as the novel begins to develop, a horrific yet tender storyline blooms, one created with such atmospheric, thoughtful and moving writing. I became lost amongst the words, I not only fell into the pages demanding more but I also fell in love with Catriona’s writing. The psychological overlay of the novel will have you biting at your nails and have you needing all your book friends reading so you can discuss the nature of the story that lurks below the surface. The Last House on Needless Street is a disturbing, with a sprinkling of sympathy laced through and layers of delicious complexity. This book is fantastic, it’s not quite like anything I have read before and if it doesn’t win many awards next year, I will be shocked! It’s excellent, read it!

Thanks to the wonderful Viper Books for approving my Netgalley request to read this exquisite novel, and to Miranda for letting me shout at you how much I loved it! If you love the sound of The Last House on Needless Street, you can pre-order an exclusive edition from Waterstones here.

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