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What is left to say? Postscript by Cecelia Ahern @Cecelia_Ahern @harpercollinsuk #TandemCollective #Review

The PS, I Love You Club.

These are the six words written on a card handed to Holly Kennedy. They’re words that are engraved on her heart – because PS, I Love You is how her husband, Gerry, signed his last letters to her, letters that mark a year she will never forget.

Now, the mysterious club wants something from her. And if Holly can find the courage meet them, she’ll learn what it really means to live life to the full.

Because every love story has one last thing to say…

I was super thrilled to be accepted to be a part of the Tadem Collective Postscript readalong over on Instagram. This is a tadem read where bookstagramers recieved gifted copies of Cecelia Ahern’s sequel of PS, I Love You, or you can use your own copy and request just the prompts so you can take part. Thanks to Harper Collins UK for sending me a paperback copy of this lovely, life – affirming and tear jerking novel. If you, the reader, haven’t read this book yet, I recommend you do. It’s gorgeous!

I have used the reading group questions to create this review, I think it’s such a fun way to do it, so if you’ve read Postscript please come and chat!

So, the tandem read was over five days. I was so captivated by Holly’s story post Gerry that I consumed every emotive chapter in a day. After PS I Love You, we see Holly losing her husband and trying to get her life back with the help of Gerry’s letters. After the letters run out Holly had to restart her life as a widow, an identity that she didn’t want or understand. To her she will always be a wife and any relationship that comes will just be filling in the gap that’s been left by her late husband. I enjoyed Postscript and I loved the new characters that have been interwoven within the storyline, knitted amongst the chapters are themes of grief, spousal loss and what we all question, what will we leave behind for those we love when we die. Will we just fade into the distance? Become a memory? What print can we leave? Cecelia touches apon these aspects sensitively while also creating such a heartbreaking, yet life – affirming storyline. It’s not always about death, it’s about living in the moment, experiencing the great, the terrible and the damn right ugly – one event doesn’t tarnish the rest of your life.

Cecelia explores both grief and recovery in this novel, with her emotive words and the way she stunningly writes, I was forced to look at how I deal with my own grief, in the case that it’s okay to live and move on with your life – it’s not about forgetting that person but making sure that you take them with you in memory as you love yours. It really resonated with me and I think that’s why I was so drawn into Holly’s life. Postscript is a tender, heartfelt novel that talks about old and new loves, Holly was afraid to move on, feeling that if she did it would mean she was being unfaithful and I think this is an important message, I think it’s a bookish form of telling people that it’s okay and it’s human to need that social, romantic connection. I started this book, knowing that I was going to love it but I didn’t know how far into my heart it would burrow. It’s beautifully, heartbreaking and uplifting, I highly recommend adding it to your TBR pile!

Until next time,

Happy reading!

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