What’s turning Blighty purple?! Purple People by Kate Bulpitt @QwertyKate @Unbounders @RandomTTours #PurplePeople

A curious scheme is afoot in Blighty. Attempting to tackle spiralling levels of crime and anti-social behaviour, the government has a new solution: to dye offenders purple.

For once, even journalist Eve Baxter is shocked – she’s spent years gathering the world’s weird and wacky news, but has never seen anything as loopy as this. Learning of these shamed ‘bruises on society’, the nation is agog – and divided. There’s anger and agreement, protest and debate. Oh, green and pleasant and now purple land…

But still, there’s a mystery to be solved: just how do the transformations to Purpleness occur? Transfixed by clues and conspiracies, Eve wonders if this could be her route into real news. And when her friends and family are affected by the Purple scheme, she begins to investigate…

Happy blog tour day to Kate Bulpitt and her genius novel Purple People. Thanks to Anne Cater for my place on the tour, as well as to publishers Umbound for providing me with a glorious physical copy in preparation of the tour. I haven’t been a part of a Random Things Tour for what feels like forever and I am so glad this was the book to break the draught. Purple People is brilliant, it’s available now in both paperback and ebook format, and you can get your own copy to place upon your TBR pile here.

Well, what a wonderfully giggle provoking novel with an air of mystery flashing through the pages. I read the blurb for Purple People before signing up for the blog tour and I knew that it was a read for me, but I wasn’t aware of how much I was going to love it – and oh I did. Eve is our protagonist, a witty female journalist that is completely intrigued by the government’s newest scheme to reduce the amount of crime and anti-social behaviour happening in the town of Blighty. I thought this concept was a genius idea, what would happen if someone committed a crime and they turned purple? Being singled out as the bruises on society – surely crime statistics would plummet? Or will apparent criminals fall into the labelling theory of populations? It’s an intriguing and fun concept isn’t it?

Eve is a journalist whose interest is peaked by this purplish surprise, she is immediately driven to uncover the truth of how people are being turned purplicious AND how they are being turned back if and when they are found not guilty of a crime, especially after her personal life is entangled involuntarily in the scheme. Along with the storyline and the colourful puns that Kate has sprinkled throughout the pages, I thoroughly enjoyed the quirkiness of Eve and the absolutely plausible approach to crime control. I loved that, although the novel is plot driven, the range of character developments is focused upon as well to create that community feel. Overall, Purple People is smile provokingly brilliant novel, with humour coursing through its bookish veins that will have you up way past your bedtime and not regretting that decision at all!

So there you have it, my thoughts of this funny and thought provoking first novel from Kate Bulpitt – it’s really a light-hearted read, one that we could all do with right now! Have you already read it? What did you think? Why not tune in to the rest of the posts on the tour by using hashtag #PurplePeople to see what some fantastic bloggers thought of the book!

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2 thoughts on “What’s turning Blighty purple?! Purple People by Kate Bulpitt @QwertyKate @Unbounders @RandomTTours #PurplePeople

  1. I’ve not heard of this one before but it certainly sounds fun!

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  2. Thanks so much for the blog tour support xx


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