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Looking for a stay up all night psychological thriller? Look no further! Other Women by Jean Levy @JeanELevy @emily_glenister @DomePress #BlogTour

Sophie thought she and Jonah were happy, bringing up their small daughter together, until one summer’s day, she discovers that Jonah is far from the man she thought he was. Sam – an attractive English teacher – seems to offer her some comfort, and new friendships are a support. But is Sam really who he says he is? Where have her new friends appeared from? Is anyone telling the truth? As Jonah’s lies threaten Sophie and her daughter, can anyone be trusted?

It’s blog tour day and I am so excited to finally share my views on Jean Levy’s Other Women, published by the brilliant Dome Press on the 10th of September, a taut psychological thriller that you can purchase here! Thanks to Emily Glenister, who always keeps me in mind when she organises Dome Press’ tours, as well as sending me out a finished copy in preparation for this review.

I started Other Women approximately 10pm one night and I had finished by 6pm the next night, with a late evening and sneaky stolen moments throughout the day while child wrangling, I managed to tear my way through this gasp-worthy, tension filled psychological thriller. This is really a novel that you’re going to want to read during a free evening because the stealing of chapter moments was such a tease!

We are ‘eased’ into Other Women by a recovery of a body which immediately sets up the dark mysterious tone of this thriller, before we meet our female lead Sophie as she reals from a terrible event that leaves her partner, Jonah, in a coma. The storyline begins to quickly unravel in this whirlwind of deceit and shocking revelations that will have you wide eyed in disbelief. As the tension mounts, you become to suspect characters concerning their true intentions and you can’t help but want to hope Sophie and her baby daughter Laura are safe – but should Sarah be careful who she trusts?

Laura’s character development throughout the novel was very noticeable, she begun as an emotional dependant individual, one who needed to share her woes with strangers but as the storyline develops you can see that she is beginning to grow as an individual with her own emotional and mental strength. At no point did I not love Laura, she was introduced as a women with whom possessed an air on vunrability yet one who was kind – one who you wanted to protect at all costs. As well as Laura, we also have an array of characters some whom you may love, others who you may not but all in all the character drive of this novel is just as perfect as the plot driven side.

This isn’t Jean Levy’s first novel, she has written another, What Was Lost a novel of the same genre and from Other Women you just know that it’s worth delving into this authors back catalogue. Jean has written a thriller that will captivate the reader, keeping them dangling on the thread of suspense as she reels you into a superbly written storyline with intertwining POV chapters that revolve around the ‘art’ of lying, ones that build that understanding of where the end point may or may not go., while also incorporating dark themes. Overall, Other Women is a twisted domestic take on a psychological thriller, one that kept my attention constantly throughout and was absolutely worth the late night! Yes,  I loved it, can you tell by my bookish rambles?!

Thanks again to Emily for inviting me on the tour, this book knocked my socks off! As for you, dear review reader, why not check out the other fantastic posts by brilliant bloggers by using the hashtag #OtherWomen

Other Women Blog Tour.png

Until next time,
Happy reading!

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1 thought on “Looking for a stay up all night psychological thriller? Look no further! Other Women by Jean Levy @JeanELevy @emily_glenister @DomePress #BlogTour

  1. So pleased you enjoyed reading Other Women … I really enjoyed writing it. Those characters became so real to me that I find myself imagining their conversations way beyond the end of the narrative. And, above all, I’m delighted to have my writerly efforts appreciated as “gasp-worthy” … excellent! Many huge thanks for the review. J


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