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Three women. Three stories. #Three by D. A Mishani, tsl by Jessica Cohen @riverrunbooks @anabooks #PublicationDay #TranslatedFiction

Three tells the stories of three women: Orna, a divorced single-mother looking for a new relationship; Emilia, a Latvian immigrant on a spiritual search; and Ella, married and mother of three, returning to University to write her thesis. All of them will meet the same man. His name is Gil. He won’t tell them the whole truth about himself – but they don’t tell him everything either.

Tense, twisted and surprising, Three is a daring new form of psychological thriller. It is a declaration of war against the normalisation of death and violence. Slowly but surely, you see the danger each woman walks into. What you won’t see is the trap being laid – until it snaps shut.

It’s time for a happy publication day celebration, as another brilliant book makes its way into the world!
When Ana from Riverrun put out a call for bloggers to take part in a blog blitz for this upcoming release, the blurb and that stunning cover made it impossible not to jump at the chance! Three is the latest book written by D. A Mishani and translated from Hebrew by Jessica Cohen, published by Riverrun this month, you can order your hardback, audio or ebook copy here!

Three by D.A Mishani left me quite a speechless reader, not only is the subtle delicious darkness of the storyline exquisitely written, but it has been translated from Hebrew by Jessica Cohen brilliantly – so much so that you’re in love with the writing while also getting the goosebumps and spine-shiver from the unfolding narratives. Three is an intoxicating novel that revolves around three women; Orna, Emilia and Ella, each one catches the eye of Gil, each for varying reasons and each having their own underlying deceit that lurks just below the surface. This book is very much what one would call a slow burner, but it’s utterly encaptivating as we are drawn into the lives of the women, the storyline isn’t told through alternating chapters but rather in sections – three stand alone, shocking sections. I loved how D.A Mishani executed the formatting, as well as the dialogue for each character by writing in the all seeing second person. This allowed me as the reader to see the world through the individual persona, creating a connection with each through on a mental and emotional level. Each of the women has a home life, a foundation and a belonging in the world that makes it all the more shocking when the disturbing events begin to unwind.

Gil, the male character at the centre of this complex and daring new psychological thriller begins as an enigma, but as we come to know him further we find him to be charming and manipulative in more ways than one. Many people jump into a thriller expecting the most deviant of characters with twists that will explode their mind, but some of the best reads are those that light the fire within you and keeps you turning the pages as you hold your breath – Three is one of them, after the first section I knew that I wouldn’t be able to put this book down until I finished and I ended up devouring it in a day. This is truly a special and unique take on a killing psychological thriller, one that will stay with you even after you turn the last page.

So that is my Thursday recommendation of the day, it’s truly something special!

Until next time,
Happy reading!

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