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Do you fear the Resident? The Resident by David Jackson @Author_Dave @MirandaJewess @ViperBooks #FearTheResident #PublicationDay



Thomas Brogan is a serial killer. Having left a trail of bodies in his wake, and with the police hot on his heels, it seems like Thomas has nowhere left to hide. That is until he breaks into an abandoned house at the end of a terrace on a quiet street. And when he climbs up into the loft, he realises that the can drop down into all the other houses on the street through the shared attic space.

That’s when the real fun begins. Because the one thing that Thomas enjoys even more than killing, is playing games with his victims. And his new neighbours have more than enough dark secrets to make this game his best one yet…

Do you fear The Resident? Soon you’ll be dying to meet him.

Happiest of publication days to David for his newest release The Resident, a sinisterly chilling novel! You can grab yourself a copy today here! All my thanks to Miranda for sending me out a proof, which I devoured in a day. If you don’t already fear The Resident, you should.

Imagine living in your house, not knowing that someone is lurking within the attic – the hairs on your arms may instinctively stand up, you may have a feeling that you’re not alone but would you really know? Brogan is the evil that lurks in the shadows of residents who live in a set of terraced houses, he’s on the run from his last murderous stint and needs to lay low – but that cruel trait within him yearns for another fatal game of cat and mouse. Brogan is a predator, he begins stalking his prey and immediately I was on edge, seeing how the events were beginning to be set into motion through his eyes with a flash briefly to other characters. The way The Resident was written helps to create the dark and cold atmosphere that keeps the reader hooked – needing more.

Brogan is a sadistic serial killer, he plays games with his ‘chosen ones’ and he has a conscious that eggs him on. Although, as the novel begins to unravel you get flashes of humanity from Brogan, vulnerabilities that he’s carried ever since childhood and to some extent you can’t help but feel slight sympathy for him. The flashbacks to Brogan pre-evil gives him the depth of character that allows the reader to identify with him as a person who may have been nudged into the life he has chosen to live. The other characters who are introduced into the novel when Brogan peeks into their lives gave me the shivers, you can bet I went and checked the attic door was well and truly firmly closed…. see what I mean about it acting upon your fears?!

The Resident is a gripping thriller, with an array of fleshed out characters, a delicious storyline with a great dash of dark humour. David is truly twisted author, who has written a disturbingly eerie novel that will enthral you! Sadistically superb!

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Happy reading!

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