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They say you can’t choose your family…… Like Mother Like Daughter by Elle Croft @Elle_Croft @OrionBooks @Sriya_V #LikeMotherLikeDaughter #BlogTour

If what they said was true, then the grotesque and the monstrous ran in her blood. It was imprinted within her very core, her DNA, a part of every cell in her body.

Kat’s children are both smart and well-adjusted. On the outside.

Kat has always tried to treat Imogen and Jemima equally, but she struggles with one of her daughters more than the other.

Because Imogen’s birth mother is a serial killer. And Imogen doesn’t know.

They say you can’t choose your family, but what if your family chooses you?

It’s blog tour review day, and haven’t I got a scorcher of a thriller to tell you about?! Like Mother Like Daughter is the third novel from Elle Croft and I’m so excited to bring you my thoughts! Thanks to Orion for inviting me on-board the tour, as well as providing me with a copy of the book to read prior to the tour. If you didn’t know, Like Mother Like Daughter is now available in a trio of formats for your consumption, you can grab a copy here!

So, with a killer blurb like *that* how could you resist picking yourself up a copy. What drew me in was the ‘they say you can’t choose your family’, when Imogen goes missing, Kat her adoptive mother starts getting the chilling feeling that her recent behaviour is linked to her biological heritage. The echoing theme throughout which I LOVED was the under the current question of is evil born or learnt? Nature versus nurture. That was one of the psychological elements that kept me focused on the unravelling storylines, as well as the developments through the usage of multiple point of views with injected timeline chapters that provide a further depth and understanding of how the characters lives are entwined.

Like Mother Like Daughter starts as quite the slow burner as it begins to build a picture of this family, creating a foundation of events that gradually with it’s momentum intensifying with the use of short snappy chapters, great use of cliff hangers and while also peaking the readers interest with delving into human capacity for good and evil, while also allowing them to slip further and further into this bite your nails, taut storyline. I do love a read that throws enough curveballs to keep you in that edge of seat type level, I was completely satisfied by this sinister thriller, and i’m shocked that I’ve not read any of Elle’s work previously – she’s a new talent to me and she knows how to hold the readers attention! Obviously I recommend it!

There you have it, multiple reasons why this book should be read, it’s a scorching thriller to match the scorching 2020 summer!

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Happy reading!

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2 thoughts on “They say you can’t choose your family…… Like Mother Like Daughter by Elle Croft @Elle_Croft @OrionBooks @Sriya_V #LikeMotherLikeDaughter #BlogTour

  1. EXCELLENT REVIEW! I loved this novel! It’s anchored in such a normal and authentic reality, and it has monsters!!! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much for this amazing review, Danielle! I’m so thrilled you enjoyed it and that the theme came through so clearly!!


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