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Blog tour: Cow Girl by Kirsty Eyre @KirstyJaneEyre @CWIPprize @HarperCollinsUK #CWIPprize #CowGirl #BookReview

Billie fled her Yorkshire upbringing to pursue her dreams of finding a cure for the illness which killed her mother, yet when her father gets sick, she must return home to save the farm.

But the transition from city girl to country lass isn’t easy, not least because leaving London means leaving her relationship with Joely Chevalier, French pharmaceutical femme fatale, just as it was heating up. And when she gets to Yorkshire, Billie’s shocked to discover the family dairy farm is in dire straits.

Battling misogyny, homophobia and the economic turmoil of a dairy crisis, can Billie find a way to save the farm, save the cows and save herself?

It’s my day on the blog tour for Kirsty Eyre’s spectacularly smile provoking debut novel Cowgirl and I’d like to thank both Harper Collins and the CWIP team, especially Kathryn for the invite on the tour and providing me with an electronic copy!

Cowgirl was published in ebook format on the 25th of June, while the paperback will be available as of the 3rd of September, you can pre-order the PB or purchase the ebook here!

Kirsty grew up in South Yorkshire, idolising comedy writers like Sue Townsend. Having studied languages at Nottingham Trent, her love for theatre led her to write and direct several comedy stage-plays, which received favourable reviews at the Edinburgh and Brighton Fringe festivals. Kirsty now lives in South East London with her partner and two children. Her first novel, Cow Girl, won the inaugural Comedy Women in Print Unpublished Prize. Cow Girl is out in summer 2020.

So, now we have all the introductions and thanks out of the way I can share my thoughts with you about this read and why you need to add it to your TBR pile. We meet Billie amongst the pages of Cow Girl, she lives in the city and she’s chasing a career dream, to be a part of the research that can help to cure eclampsia,  a cause close to her heart. She’s surrounded by her girl gang, there my also be a love interest on the horizon – but then she’s drawn back home after her father falls ill. I loved Billie from the start, she has a passion for both the field of PhD that she want to enter, she’s open to finding that right woman but it also feels like she is trying to escape the country girl part of her life.

Billie returns back to the farm, in a small close knit community where everyone knows everyone, think a more comic and sophisticated version of Emmerdale with the chatty vet and the nosey parkers in the form of the Granny church club which are not quite up-to speed with lesbianism and what comes with it. These occurrences, as well as Billie’s new experiences with the many, many pregnant cows on the farm becomes a great bookish plate of laughs but you can’t help but be in her corner cheering her on. Also, her relationship with her father will make you feel all the uplifting feels, she somewhat became a whole different character when she was around him – more vulnerable and identifiable, what a duo! From the array of characters (everyone needs a great and hilarious group of friends!), nemesis’ and love interests, Cow Girl will have you snuggled up in pyjamas, with some great snacks giggling your socks off – the exact type of read that we all need right now! It’s a hilarious tale with lots of cows with the cutest of names, what else could you want for?!

There you have it, a great summer book recommendation from me to you – I am all about you guys getting that nudge you need to add to that already leaning tower of to be reads! Make sure to follow the blog tour and catch the posts previously from some cracking bloggers using the hashtag #CowGirl!

Until next time,
Happy reading!

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1 thought on “Blog tour: Cow Girl by Kirsty Eyre @KirstyJaneEyre @CWIPprize @HarperCollinsUK #CWIPprize #CowGirl #BookReview

  1. Thanks for such a great review, Danielle, and for taking part in the blog tour. It’s lovely to have you involved. 🙂 x


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