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Meet the Authors – Panther Publishing Edition! WD Jackson – Smart @WDJackson @PantherPubs #MeetTheAuthors #Thriller #indieauthors #indiepublishing

41l2wejtyhl1544422627597412665.jpgA detective new to London. A possible serial killer. And a demon?
When a bloody corpse is discovered in a North London park, Detective Inspector Daniel Graves is the man tasked with finding the killer. With no clues and no suspects it seems like a dead end. Then another body turns up and this time it looks like it could be his fault. Has his investigation caused the murderer to strike again? Is he dealing with a serial killer?
As the case gets ever more complicated, a report comes in of another suspicious death but this is nothing like any other Graves has dealt with. All involved are convinced that something supernatural is to blame. A demon. Daniel is no believer but could he be wrong?
With two cases on his shoulders and the truth behind each beyond his grasp, Graves must race against time before both killers, human or otherwise, strike again.


Two victims. Brutally murdered in their own home. Body parts taken.411mzu2z-dl4003811349948313285.jpg
D.I. Graves is back on the case to face his toughest challenge yet. A case with no motive and no suspect, nothing at all that could explain why someone would kill innocent people in such a way.
Then the next victims are discovered. Another pair of bodies. New body parts taken. Again in their own home.
Someone is breaking into houses across the city at night, leaving horror in their wake. It seems to Graves that this could be two serial killers, working together. But how are they choosing their victims? Is any house in London a target? Is anyone safe?
To make matters worse, a journalist is threatening to cause more harm than good with her obsessive push in covering the story to further her career, and someone is targeting Graves personally, seeking revenge against him in relation to an old case.
Can Graves keep himself safe long enough to stop the serial killers before they strike again?

I was so thrilled that Will agreed to answer a few questions with the theme of Meet The Author. We read their books but here is the opportunity to find out about the people behind the books! If you missed yesterday’s post, we had a chat with Jack aka JS Strange – you can find the Q&A here!
Will was the second author to sign up with Panther Publishing with his DI Graves series, the first two of which are available to buy from Panther Publishing’s online store here! You can also find my review of From Inside The House here!

Ok, so just for fun I thought we’d start with a bit of either or:
Tea or Coffee?
Neither, I don’t drink hot drinks (don’t judge me) – I’m more of an energy drink and wine type author haha (again don’t judge me!).
No Judging, I fall into both those beverage categories!
Morning bird or Night owl?
This is a tough one, weirdly. I think I’m probably more of a night owl as I don’t love getting up and I have been known to stay up late watching films or playing on my computer, but I’m quite productive when I force myself up early for a reason (which I do at the moment to do exercise) so it can swing back and forth for me.
Bookmark or corner folder?
Bookmark! Corner folding is practically sacrilegious!
Jack and I will just go and share the corner of shame!
Tidily organised or Organised mayhem?
Tidily organised for sure. I like a tidy house and I like to know where things are. I feel calmer in a tidy house.

What makes you happy? Could you share a photo?
So many different things make me happy but I’ve attached one of me with my husband when we went to Hawaii and visited where they filmed Jurassic Park. Getting to visit amazing, geeky places with him is awesome.
That’s the cutest photo!

What is your favourite childhood book?
Pick any Point Horror book pretty much. As I recall though, my favourites were The Snowman, Funhouse and Halloween Night. Loved horror even as a young’un!

What did you want to be when you grew up? Was it always an author?
I actually wanted to be an archaeologist and go and dig up dinosaur bones (spot the theme) but when I found out you needed to study ALL of human history to do that, I changed my mind. While I find human history interesting, it’s not a passion of mine so it was not meant to be.
Dinosaurs are fun and interesting, humans, not so much!

If you could choose only one season to last forever, what one would it be?
Easy – summer. Sunshine makes me happy – the warmth on my face, seeing summer light drift over buildings and trees, all the smells of summer, spending time outside with good company in beer gardens or parks.
I agree with the beer garden side of summer, but must it always be so hot? We aren’t used to it in Wales, we are built for the cold and rain!

What is your current read?
It’s The Perfect Girlfriend by Karen Hamilton – I’m right at the start but it seems to be a twisted stalker-type story so hopefully it’s good!
Ohh, I’ve read that one and it’s so good! Especially the obsessive stalker vibe! Karen’s second book is also a must read.

What do you enjoy doing outside of writing? Hobbies etc.
I’m a massive horror fan, in all forms, so you’ll find me at the cinema, playing videogames and reading – all horror and thriller stuff. I also love fitness so I like going for runs or to the gym. And I’m a fan of table top board games as well, in lots of forms – card games, rpg etc

How many books have you written? Do you have a personal favourite? What is it and why?
I have written 6 technically. My first is terrible so no longer available and my 6th is yet to be released – that’s book 3 in the DI Graves series, which I’m very excited for. As for a favourite, they all have things about them that I like but Slasher holds a special place in my heart because I’m a huge slasher movie fan and it was well received by other slasher movie fans, which was great, quite vindicating that I’d done the genre proud.
The DI Graves series does indeed have slasher nods to them! When James told me about book 3 (that’s all he told me is that there’s a book three!) I did a little dance in the privacy of my kitchen…. well not so private now I’ve told you!

When writing a series, how do you keep it fresh? Is the second in the series always more difficult than the first?
I actually found the first in my series hardest because you have to establish characters from scratch which takes time and planning, and they have to have backstories of what they were doing before your reader discovers them. This is partially removed from sequels which is kind of nice. Giving characters meaningful progressions over a series is tricky though, I don’t believe characters should remain the same the entire time, so finding ways for them to grow and change is interesting but can prove difficult, at least in a way that keeps them realistic.

When researching for a novel, do you always have all the research before beginning or do you research as you go? What is the process?
I tend to do it as I go. I do a lot of geographical research, also a lot of research into how detectives and police departments actually function. Some of my search history probably looks decidedly dodgy – googling untraceable poisons, ways to get rid of corpses, the history of demons and witches in the UK, ritual sacrifice… It’s all innocent though, promise šŸ˜‰
It’s like rolling research then! I suppose your mind isn’t filled with unneeded information then. I wish I had thought about asking ‘what is the weirdest thing you’ve had to google?’ Next time though! You’d not want your computer to be checked if a murder happens!

Describe your typical writing day
I nearly always reread what last I wrote first and then I carry on from there to ensure my writing doesn’t feel disjointed. It also means that I’m constantly editing as I go which I find helpful, as opposed to totally waiting until after a book is finished to start editing.
I suppose it’ll make less of a job at the end!

Describe your publishing journey in 3 words
Difficult, rewarding, long-winded

Do you have any writing quirks / needs? What are they?
I don’t think I do actually. Although maybe this is one. When I have written dialogue, I then read it out loud, as the characters, because I find it helps to make it much more realistic sounding. Something can seem right on screen but then when you read it you realise that your character doesn’t talk that way or would never say it like that, for example.
We need a video of you reading out a chapter extract in character please!

If it gives no spoilers, what is the hardest scene you’ve had to write?
For the ending of The Demons Beneath (book 1 in the DI Graves series) I had multiple strands of story all happening at the same time, that all needed to be closed off in sensible ways and keep the story going to its conclusion. That was very difficult but I think it worked in the end.

What do you find the most enjoyable / difficult thing about writing?
I absolutely love when I read back something I’ve written and can truly see it playing out as though I’m watching it on screen – that’s extremely rewarding for me, and it also excites me and keeps me motivated to continue with the story to get to the next plot point. The most difficult thing is timelines. I always struggle with the idea of what is a certain character doing when they aren’t in a given chapter? They don’t just stop doing stuff until you write about them again or they feel exceptionally unrealistic, so keeping a sense of timeline and keeping characters active even when they aren’t the focus is tough.
Oh I can understand how that can be difficult, as I reader I’ve never thought about that side of things when it comes to timelines – you just assume it pauses in the background!

What is / has been a publishing highlight for you?
Getting a paperback proof is always amazing because it makes it all seem real. Like, wow, I really did write this and it’s a real thing. And then of course getting messages or reviews from readers saying they enjoyed what you wrote will never get old.

Can you give a one sentence teaser for anything you’re working on if you’re allowed?
It’s book 4 in the DI Graves series and it will tackle the slasher genre (for the first time within this series), but it won’t be meta like my book Slasher. It’ll follow the classic rules laid out by films in the genre, only still set in modern London. I also have something quite high concept and standalone in the wings for Panther but haven’t started that yet. Mega excited for it though – I’ve run the idea past a few people and they all think it’s really cool, so fingers crossed it will be!
That sounds amazing, and now i’m excited and it won’t even be released this year! What a tease, but i’m sure both books are absolutely worth the wait!

Any question you wished I’d asked but haven’t?
Nope! But I often get asked my favourite writing snack so I’ll tell you too. Peanut M&M’s, always and forever. šŸ™‚
They’re my favourite all timeĀ chocolatey snacks, Peanut M&M’s aren’t only for the writing times you know!

So there you have it, todays GetĀ Meet theĀ Authors! Thank-you again to Will and for being such a great sport and enduring my questions! You’re a star!
Have you already read Will’s books? Do you have a favourite? Have you reviewed it on a blog? If so feel free to share it and we can spread some bookĀ love for these great indie authors!
Also, remember to add the DI Graves series to your TBR pile, you can thank me later!

Until tomorrow,
Happy reading!

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