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If you go down to the woods today, you’re in for a scare! Shadows of the Woods by Duncan Thompson @duncanthompson @PantherPubs #ChillingReads

Faceless shadows, a night that will never be the same, and a sinister force. If you go down to the woods tonight, you’re in for a sinister surprise.
When a stag party decide to camp in the woods, they soon discover that a malevolent force has them in their sights. As the unknown creeps ever closer, Joe and his friends must survive. To survive, Joe must learn to fight. If he fights, he could lose it all.
A rollercoaster ride of blood, sweat and tears, Shadows of the Woods will keep you hooked, all whilst throwing nostalgic homage to slashers of the late seventies and early eighties.
A Night Terror that you won’t be forgetting any time soon.

Yes, you’ve just seen right, Panther Publishers have indeed published a brand new spanking read, one that will both chill and thrill you! Shadows of the Woods was published yesterday in ebook format, with the paperback due to be released in July. You can grab yourself an ebook copy directly from Panther Publishing’s website here, where its available in both Kindle and Apple formatting.

Panther Publishing are a publishing company based in Wales. Publishers of gripping crime, thrilling thrillers, mysterious mystery, terrifying horror and spooky paranormal fiction.

Shadows of the Woods is an unsettling story that entwines many aspects of horror, both in its contemporary and classical forms, that is what grabbed my attention. Duncan has created his own world of horror with a nodding homage to the genre that he loves. We meet Joe Costello within the first few pages of Shadows of The Woods, he is the dotting fiancé, physically fit with a kind hearted interior. I really liked Joe as the main protagonist, I think he was developed really well, he’s about to get married and for his stag do he’s decided to do it his style – take a guess where he takes his stag party? This sets up the foundation of this shadowy tale, with it’s mixture of 70’s/80’s slasher feels, injected with a fresh dose of horror that could be compared to an American Horror Story – Supernatural hybrid, it’s just perfect for readers who want a hold your breath, adrenaline read. Think The Blair Witch Project, but better with more depth of characters and storyline.

Duncan has written a bite-sized read that is packed full of mood-setting language that has helped to create a chillingly good atmospheric setting, as well as the inclusion of paranormal and dark folklore elements. Shadows Of The Woods has many goose-pimple provoking layers, ones that will have you speeding through the short punchy chapters, this makes it way too easy to read one more chapter, even when it’s past your bedtime! Along with the language, settings and atmosphere, you can bet that Shadows Of The Woods will play on various fears, from being watched, to chased etc, it’ll definitely increase one’s heartrate. This fright-fest quickly becomes a mysterious, malevolent game of cat and mouse, one that is psychologically but one that will also keep your doors and windows locked! You’ll definitely be avoiding the woods after reading this night terror! *All the lights required*

So, grab a copy, keep the lights on or if you’re not afraid of the woods, turn off all the lights, grab a blanket and maybe some snacks, then you’re ready to dive into and unleash the darkness trapped within Shadows Of The Woods. Yes, it’s a great addition to any horror lovers TBR.

Have you got a copy already? If so let’s see your pictures and let’s share the book love for this one! Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming blog tour to celebrate the July release of the paperback using #ShadowsOfTheWoods

Until next time,
Happy reading!

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