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Blog tour: The Last Crossing by Brian McGilloway @BrianMcGilloway @EmilyGlenister @TheDomePress #BlogTour #TheLastCrossing #BookReview

Tony, Hugh and Karen thought they d seen the last of each other thirty years ago. Half a lifetime has passed and memories have been buried. But when they are asked to reunite – to lay ghosts to rest for the good of the future – they all have their own reasons to agree. As they take the ferry from Northern Ireland to Scotland the past is brought in to terrible focus – some things are impossible to leave behind.

In The Last Crossing memory is unreliable, truth shifts and slips and the lingering legacy of the Troubles threatens the present once again.

Welcome to my post on the day of my blog tour spot for The Last Crossing by Brian McGilloway, I’d like to thank The Dome Press and Emily for the tour invite, as well as a advanced reading copy of this book in preparation of the tour. If this novel tickles your reading pickle, it was published on the 2nd of April and you can grab yourself a copy here – order and it will wing its way to your postbox or kind lemon as if by magic!

The Last Crossing is a novel of loyalty, legacy and deceit that sweeps from Ireland to Scotland, flicking from past to present after a trio is reunited after 30 years. They all have one dark secret that has threatened to seep into their present, a lingering ghost of their past that is unravelled within this stunningly written read. This hypnotically written book is a retrospective look into the past that resolves around fictional Irish crime moguls. I was drawn into the complexity of the developed characters, as well as the ties that bind them – including an intoxicating mixture of joint guilt and violence. Although Brian is better known as the author of the Benedict Devlin and Lucy Black police thriller series, The Last Crossing is a stand alone read that is captivating with sparks of unreliability and a story of never being able to escape your past – you can run but you can’t hide as they say. I enjoyed The Last Crossing, it was a welcome read and Brian’s writing is just beautiful, his sequencing well planned and executed – definitely an author whose work i’d read more of!

Thanks again to Dome Press for having me on the tour, and providing me with such a quality read! If anyone has missed the previous posts on this tour, or you don’t want to miss the following posts, search the hashtag #TheLastCrossing – I hope you’re coaxed enough to grab yourself a copy!

Until next time,
Happy reading!


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