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Blog tour: Paper Sparrows by Nathalie Abi-Ezzi @HHouseBooks @DampPebbles #BookReview

The summer of 2006, and nineteen-year-old Layla returns to Lebanon. When she arrives she finds that her troubled younger brother is missing. She heads to Beirut to search for him, but her quest is cut short when Beirut comes under fire. A new war has begun, and she is trapped in the middle of it.

I was over the moon when I saw that Emma had a free blog tour spot for Paper Sparrows by Nathalie Abi-Ezzi, if she had asked me in person, I may have actually bitten her hand off! Thanks Emma for the spot on the tour and to Holland House Books for a copy of the book in preparation for the tour. This isn’t my first Holland House Books read and it absolutely will not be my last!

Paper Sparrows was published in paperback and ebook format on the 5th of March, you can purchase your copy directly from Holland House Books here. Remember, it helps hugely if you buy direct from an independent publisher!

Paper Sparrows is a novel that holds a depth of beauty, one that revolves around what it is to be a family, one about how it’s important to learn to fly the nest as well as the shared roots that we possess. Layla returns home to Lebanon, to a family that could be perceived as slightly dysfunctional, while also being overbearingly supportive at times. Her father is a business holder whom is dissapointed that his older son refuses to take on the family business, whereas her mother is living her musical dreams through encouraging Layla to leave home and take up a career in music. From the get – go you know that you’re not in London anymore, with an Eastern atmosphere and a traditional family feel, Paper Sparrows is the perfect literary escape you need right now.

When Layla arrives home she finds that her brother has gone missing, not returning home to welcome her. Layla then decides to go on a journey to recover her brother’s whereabouts – picking up a stray canine and an unexpected tag along on the way. I really enjoyed the lyrical beauty of Natalie’s writing, her ability to create characters that you can depend on for escapism, while also unravelling a story about personal truth and individual development – a coming of age novel with a surge of heart warmth and understanding.

I thoroughly enjoyed Paper Sparrows, it was something different from what I’m used and just what I needed! Thanks again Emma and Holland House Books for the spot and copy! Make sure you catch up with previous blog tour posts using #PaperSparrows

Until next time,

Happy reading!

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