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Blog tour: After Dark by Dominic Nolan @NolanDom @RosieMargesson @Headlinepg #AfterDarkBook #AbigailBooneSeries #BookReview


A girl held captive her entire life
After a shocking discovery, the police must unravel a mystery that horrifies the nation.
A detective condemned as a criminal
Violently abducted while searching for a missing woman, D.S. Abigail Boone suffered retrograde amnesia – remembering nothing of her previous life. Defying the law to hunt those responsible, she now languishes behind bars.
A monster hiding in the shadows
In desperation, police turn to Boone – who fears a connection to the disappearance of a child three decades earlier…and a mysterious underworld figure whose name is spoken only in whispers.
Freed from prison, what will Boone sacrifice – and who must she become – to uncover the terrifying truth?

I met Dominic very briefly last year during the New Voices gathering for debut authors. This is when I received a proof of Past Lives, the first in the Abigail Boone series – which I loved. So, when Rosie messaged me to ask if i’d like a copy of the next in series After Dark and if i’d be interested in having a spot on the blog tour, I immediately said ‘yes please’. After Dark is published today in hardback by Headline, it’s also available in both audiobook and e-book, you can grab yourself a copy here. If you’d prefer a paperback copy, you can also pre-order a copy for its publication on the 23rd of July.

If you’re not aware of the Abigail Boone series, it revolves around a detective who (in Past Lives) goes missing for a number of days, only to be found and suffering from retrograde amnesia – she can’t remember anything prior to going missing. After a deadly investigation, we are lead here, recently freed from prison Abigail. After a young girl has been found in a wooded area, Abigail’s knowledge is needed to crack the case. With entwining links to Boone’s kidnapping, she is the only one that can assist. The world created by Dominic Nolan, has just got a whole lot darker! After Dark is written in parts, where it’s flicked between the present day and Abigail’s life after the kidnapping – I feel this provides the reader with a much broader perception of Boone’s motivation to end all this. I also think it makes it easier for a new reader to understand the going on if they’ve not read book 1.

The storyline is horrifyingly dark, containing a number of issues including historical abuse, kidnapping and violence. A read that will hold your attention, like a traumatic train wreck that you just can’t stop thinking about, a read that you need to put down to allow yourself to breathe but written in such a way that you just can’t. Dominic Nolan has a twisted talent in writing psychological thrillers that tick every single box from action, to a ballsy protagonist who you can’t help but rally behind and an adrenaline inducing notion. Imagine losing your memory, where you can only remember the darkness in your life? Wouldn’t you fight for revenge and justice?!

Although Abigail Boone has become hardened by her experiences, we still see the flare of humanity within her, especially as she investigates a three decade mystery that’s filled with gasping horror and dark characters lurking in the shadows. The array of secondary characters build the story up, especially as personal connections between them get shone a light upon, especially the inclusion of a bit of romance. If you add one series to your TBR this month, make it this one!

Dominic has not only created a binge worthy, thrillingly intoxicated read in After Dark, but also an addictive series with taut storylines and quality developed characters. Plots that will shock you and keep you reading, when you didn’t think the Abigail Boone series couldn’t get any darker, it tugs you further into the shadows.

If you’ve missed any prior posts on this blog tour, you can catch up using the hashtag #AfterDarkBook. Did you pre-order to receive your copy today? Share your book posts!

Until next time,

Happy reading!

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