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Blog Tour: The Guest List by Lucy Foley @LucyFoleyTweets @JenHarlow @HarperCollinsUK @AnneCater #RandomThingsTours #TheGuestList

On an island off the windswept Irish coast, guests gather for the wedding of the year – the marriage of Jules Keegan and Will Slater.

Old friends.
Past grudges.

Happy families.
Hidden jealousies.

Thirteen guests.
One body.

The wedding cake has barely been cut when one of the guests is found dead. And as a storm unleashes its fury on the island, everyone is trapped.

All have a secret. All have a motive.
One guest won’t leave this wedding alive

It’s my blog tour stop, I am super excited,  I’ve been sitting on my thoughts about The Guest List written by Lucy Foley for a whole month, now it’s my day to share them. I want to start by thanking Anne Cater for the opportunity to take part in this tour, as well as the lovely Jen Harlow from Harper Collins for sending me out a glorious hardback copy to read and review for this tour. You too can own your own copy of The Guest List by pre – ordering it fromhere, it’ll land on your welcome mat come publication day (the 20th of February) just in time for the weekend.

Lucy Foley studied English Literature at Durham and UCL universities and worked for several years as a fiction editor in the publishing industry, before leaving to write full-time. The Hunting Party is her debut crime novel, inspired by a particularly remote spot in Scotland that fired her imagination.

Lucy is also the author of three historical novels, which have been translated into sixteen languages. Her journalism has appeared in ES Magazine, Sunday Times Style, Grazia and more.

You can interact with Lucy on various social media platforms including, @Facebook and follow Lucy on Twitter @LucyFoleyTweets and Instagram @LucyFoleyAuthor

So, now we’ve ‘met’ Lucy Foley, let me share with you my thoughts on this brilliant thriller! The Guest List arrived through my letterbox on the Wednesday, by the Thursday I had devoured the whole 400 page odd read. Just over a little 24 hours that I received this book I had turned the last page, I don’t regret becoming a binge reading and sleep deprived reader. I would do it all over again!

What drew me in? I was intrigued by the claustrophobic presence of plotline, everything that I expected The Guest List was going to be, it was. One of my favourite books is And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie, an isolated island, death and a classic ‘who dunnit’, this type of sitting on the edge of your seat mystery was echoed all the way throughout this read. From the eerie setting to the captivating array of characters that immediately engages your suspicious mind. I utterly adored the classical foundation with a twisty contemporary take built upon it. ADORED!

I am a sucker for a multinarrative, oh my doesn’t Lucy deliver a great smorgasbord of characters that all have these shadows lurking below the surface that bring a whole different level of the scandal, secrets and revelations entwined throughout the pages. Back to the arraying characters, we have the rich, well doing show presenter, as well as a bride with an anger issue. Every single character worked, as well as pairing well with the others. Lucy’s talent to create a multitude of lives and entwine them in a mystery is amazing, with chapters flicking prospective you fear as a reader that you’re tugged from here to there – in The Guest List this does not happen, the whole narrative flows. What I wish had been included is an actual guest list at the beginning of the book, like a visual, only because a majority of the book cast were female and during the initial stages of getting into the book it would have helped to remind those who can sometimes get confused who was who. That being said, it’s not a negative, it’s just a personal preference, and when I was fully in the read, it was fine with minimal confusion.

The couplings of flashbacks with a look into individual’s murderous motives will make you want to throw your detective hat on, grabbing the red twine and pins, as you fall down a reading investigator hole. Like a PI Alice in Wonderland! Lucy has created a gasper in terms of tension and mystery, where you become completely gripped in the lives and death of the characters, as well as the threads that bind them. The nail biting tautness of the storyline flows constantly throughout The Guest List, I loved Lucy’s writing so much that immediately after finishing this book, I purchased the audible AND e-book of The Hunting Party. I am 100% a fully pledged Foley Fan!

So that’s me, yes I loved The Guest List! You should read it if you enjoy a great claustrophobic mystery. Thanks again Anne for having me and Harper Collins for providing me with a copy. If you’ve missed out on any of this tours posts, you can catch up with them all using the hashtag #TheGuestList.

Until next time,
Happy reading!


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2 thoughts on “Blog Tour: The Guest List by Lucy Foley @LucyFoleyTweets @JenHarlow @HarperCollinsUK @AnneCater #RandomThingsTours #TheGuestList

  1. HUge thanks for the blog tour support xx


  2. Started this yesterday. I’m so looking forward to it


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