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Commonwealth v Michelle Carter #WickedWednesday #TrueCrimeFile

When two bloggers come together because of a live of true crime, you get #wickedwednesday – don’t want to miss the bi-weekly crime files? Make sure you follow Over My Read Body!

Over My Read Body

It’s the very first #WickedWednesday, where we sit down and chat about a case, whether it’s that of a cult leader, cold case or even miscarriages of justice. We love our true crime AND we love our podcasts, all podcasts or articles we’ve read will be linked at the end of the post.

Background and timeline of events

Our first case is that of Commonwealth v Michelle Carter and the death of Conrad Roy Jr, one that swooped into the public eye and has drawn attention after recent Sky Crime documentary I Love You, Now Die. This case looks into the suicide (remember that for later) of 18 year old American Conrad Roy Jr via carbon monoxide poisoning on July 13, 2014. His 17 year old girlfriend, Michelle Carter, was later arrested and charged with involuntary manslaughter due to her encouragement of his suicide via text messages on the 16th…

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