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#IndiesOfChristmas #Indies #IndieAuthors #ThrowbackPost The Four Women by Michelle Keill

In December 2018 the loveliest author approached me via Instagram to ask if i’d like to review her novel ‘The Four Women’ on my blog, she was so friendly and laid back about when the review went up (I’ve had a busy month) how could I possible have said no? So I didn’t and it was a great decision on my part, hopefully Michelle feels the same after reading my review!

Fast forward a year and Michelle is one of my closest friends online, she’s always there when my confidence isn’t and I’m always here with my steel toe caps to give her a kick when she needs it! Her friendship is one of the best things that I’ve got out of blogging and authors like her make the reading and blogging world a brighter place!

I would describe the genre of ‘The Four Women’ as a supernatural fairy tale type fiction novel, that includes very thought provoking underlying themes. It has already been published in both e-book format and paperback, so if this is the type of book that can scratch that bookish itch go and purchase it! (Link at bottom of post)

The Blurb

“It is the height of summer in Paris when Grace, a young British writer, and her artist boyfriend move to the French capital. Grace is captivated by the glamour of the city and yearns to be part of chic Parisian society. Before she knows it, Grace is befriended by four enigmatic women who represent everything she longs to be. But Grace can’t recall where she met these women, when they entered her life, or how they seem to know so much about her.

The four women insist she seek out Alexandre Martel. He is a French tutor par excellence, and could not only teach her the language, but his influence could also open the door to the exclusive Parisian elite she so admires – although, the women warn her, Alexandre’s methods are not for the faint-hearted.

Her instincts warn her not to get involved, but Grace soon becomes embroiled in Alexandre’s world. He is a brilliant, unsettling teacher. But for his lessons there will be a price to pay…”

What I Thought

Well, let’s just be upfront here, I REALLY enjoyed the book. The protagonist is Grace who has recently moved to Paris with her artist boyfriend Matthias. I could identify with Grace on the account that she’s in this beautiful city that is unknown to her and all she wants to do is fit in with the people, culture and language. I think characters who come across with true human insecurities and traits definitely help readers to fall in love with them and therefore want to carry on observing their journey through the well written pages of the author.

You also get to meet the ‘lovely’ mysterious four – some of women who see to have appeared in Grace’s life like they’ve always been there, without recollection of where their acquaintance began. These characters made the temperature of the room drop, while at the same time making my blood boil slightly. They tease Grace constantly, especially due to her inability to speak French. In walks a unorthodox French teacher who contributes towards completely turning Grace’s life upside down.

‘The Four Women’ contained elements that make a fairy tale all dark and twisty; a love story so deep that’s put on the line, women who quite frankly come across as four evil stepsisters and a French unorthodox Godfather. Like a sexy Grimm tale! The eeriness of the whole storyline was an overall atmospheric feeling, you will swallow the whole of this read in one breathless gulp because although it’s dark and eerie, Michelle writes in such a beautiful, free-flowing manner that will leave you stunned.

This read also has some really well thought out themes that are embedded within the narrative. For me, peer pressure really felt like the strongest theme, which then dominoed into several other themes. Many people believe that life is full of choices, that then dictate where we end up in our lives. Other’s believe that the path we are on is destined. The Four Women will make you question what you actually believe. Grace has a choice, that choice with define her inescapable force of destiny. And the ending had me gawp mouthed, literally mumbling “wait? what? how?” staring at the last page, willing it not to be over!

This is the type of read that you could enjoy as part of a book club, at home with a blanket, baked good and a hot chocolate or even sitting outside a Parisian café with a glass of red wine (or whatever your wine preference is) Whatever way you decide to read this book, let it be known that you will!

Thank-you again to Michelle for my copy of The Four Women, I thoroughly enjoyed the read! Has anyone read this book? Please share your thought on it in the comment section! If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading this book, click here to purchase your copy!

Whatever you’re reading today,


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