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Hello and welcome to The Reading Closet today on the millionth day of #IndiesOfChristmas, where we take a trip, hand in hand down review memory lane. This post was originally my blog tour review for Sign of the Cross by Glenn Cooper  This isn’t Glenn Cooper’s first book but it is the first instalment in the Cal Donovan series, that was released in paperback on the 4th of July. You can order your copy in a multitude of versions here!

Glenn Cooper is an American author and physician best known for being an internationally best selling thriller writer. His books have been translated into 31 languages and, as of 2014, have sold over six million copies. He currently lives in Gilford, New Hampshire. The Library of the Dead trilogy is currently being adapted into a television series by Pioneer Pictures.

I would describe Sign of The Cross conspiring religious type thriller that has action, blood and unexpected twists. Check out the blurb for yourself:

‘Abruzzo, Italy: a young priest suffers the stigmata of the crucifixion.
The Vatican, Rome: the Pope calls on Harvard professor Cal Donovan to investigate the truth of the priest’s claim.
Berlin, Germany: a neo-Nazi organisation believes the priest is the key to an earth-shattering secret. A secret that can be used as a deadly weapon.
When the priest is abducted, a perilous race against the clock begins. Only Cal can track down the ruthless organisation and stop it, before an apocalyptic catastrophe is unleashed.’

I highly recommend The Sign of The Cross to fans who enjoy the works of Dan Brown, although this read isn’t exactly like Dan Brown’s work, the air of religious mystery and conspiracy is similar, as well as the action packed chapters. Just read it!

The main protagonist is the theologically equipped Cal Donovan (heart eyes) who has become one of my favourite leading men. He is approached to investigate into the case of a young recently ordained priest who has become to show signs of the Stigmata. If you aren’t aware what this is, it’s wounds of the cross thought to have been inflicted on Jesus. As you’d thing, questions begin to arise whether the wounds are self inflicted or true. Sign of the Cross fully emerges itself into the conspiracy of these acts, as well as flicking to finds of relics involved in the crucifixion and a deadly neo – Nazi brotherhood lurking and planning in the shadows.

The dark lingering atmosphere is darkly electrifying at times, unconsciously you’ll chew your nail down to the quick before you realise. Glenn has taken a huge subject and managed to successfully and sensitively inject it into a jaw dropingly good storyline. I felt that I was in a literary storm, and I didn’t know where the narrative was going to end up. The taut atmosphere lingers constantly throughout!

What stood out for me was the research that Glenn Cooper obviously undertook while writing this novel, including the basics like the stigmata, The Crucifixion, as well as perceived Vatican ‘miracles’ and how they investigate into them. The authenticity sky rocketed with the inclusion of Padre Pio (find out more about him here), I thought it was great to include real life events of those themes included in the dialogue. I also enjoyed the flicks between timelines and view points, which provided both the geographical locations involved and a more in-depth visualisation of the events. The whole book was drenched in twistiness, packed with plenty of action and adventure, as well as being pumper full of some tasty historical essence feel.

I look forward to the future instalments of the Cal Donovan series. especially if they’re as grippingly captivating and thrillingly plotted as this one. I’m quite frankly a newly realised Glenn Cooper fangirl…. God help my TBR pile!

Happy Reading.

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