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#IndiesOfChristmas #Indies #IndieAuthor #ThrowbackPost Duo of Novellas by Dean Jones @DeanJonesAutho1 #TheMagicShow #AFinalFarewell

I ‘met’ Dean Jones through Twitter at the end of last year, he reached out to me and asked if i’d review his fantasy independent published read Father of Storms, of course I did, I read it while I was stuck in bed recovering from the flu at the beginning of this year. You can check out my review here!

Very recently Dean sent me copies of his two novellas, The Magic Show and A Final Farewell, both of which are less than 30 pages long. He didn’t even ask for a review, just some tweets sharing my thoughts but these books 100% deserved a post! They took under an hour to devour, yet they will stay will me for a much longer time, they broke me and put me back together again. Both novella’s are injected with, what I felt, a moral that the reader should take away with them after reading.

Jessica was on holiday with her parents in Scarborough and asks her father, Robert, to take her to see a magic show in the town. She had never seen a live magic show before and her parents had promised her a treat since she had been very well behaved, so off to the show they went.

At the performance the magician, David, takes his audience on a journey through what is possible and shows them that sometimes your perception of the impossible is not what you thought. What Jessica doesn’t know is that the magic she sees and experiences will change her life forever.

Is David really magic or just a very good illusionist…you decide.

This book *all the heart emojis*  It is so brilliantly written with a twist, I can’t even describe why this book hit me so hard but it give you food for thought, taking that extra 30 seconds to notice something may alter your path. I had only read a fantasy fiction by Dean, even then the language he used was poetic and heart filled – The Magic Show was on a whole different level. It had a true meaning laying below its surface that is human, perfect and emotive. Written incredibly well, I was left speechless and in complete awe at how Dean wrote such a gut punching, heart tearing and real emotive narrative, hitting all chords in just 21 pages. Loved it, five stared it on Goodreads and I absolutely think that Dean should write a short story collection! You can grab a copy of The Magic Show here!

Sometimes two people are meant for each other and no matter what life throws at them they take it on the chin and carry on.

Harold and Sarah Wood were this type of couple; married for over 40 years, loving parents and devoted to each other. But sometimes life gives you something that it’s incredibly hard to move on from. Harold finds that the death of his wife is one of those things.

A story about how grief can impact a life so incredibly that even the mentality to carry on is tested. With his children dealing with the loss of their mother in their own way, Harold is left to find out how to live alone.

Another eye waterer of a novella that reached into my chest, plucked my heart out, smashed it up and put the pieces back in the hole of my chest. Again Dean has used his heart to pave the way for a poignantly prosed dialogue that is written from the point of view of a husband who regretted various life actions. A Final Farewell is a personally moving story of true love, loss and grief, while letting it sink in that you can not change the past, you can only learn, forgive and move forwards. What happens when someone dies and all that is left are memories and the words left unsaid? 27 pages of hard hitting emotion, loved it but could have done with a back up chocolate bar after reading these two back to back. You can grab your own copy here.

Both these novellas are filled to the brim with all the feels, both left me catatonically breathless and wanting more novellas exactly like this. If you’re looking for a quick reads that are full of feels, look no more, these are the ones! Both for a bargain off 99p each over on Amazon!

Thanks again Dean for the copies, they were brilliant and i’m not mad at you AT ALL!

Happy Reading.


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