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We are almost halfway through #IndiesOfChristmas, and I’ve not had a meltdown since Ian Shane’s post kept crashing on me! Maybe it’s the copious amount of coffee or the winter weather but it’s been a very chilled ride… so far! How is everyone else finding December? I hope that you’ve had your eyes open to a whole new world, that world being of indies of course!

The indie of the day today is author Silvia Hildebrandt who fled Romania for Germany in 1990, after the revolution and the civil war between Hungarians and Romanians. For the most part, Silvia and her family were looked down upon as poor, illiterate gypsies. She denied that she had been born and raised in Romania, in an attempt to assimilate with German culture. Over the years, Silvia’s teachers recognized her talent for writing. Somehow, she always wrote stories set in the USA. Her 6th grade literature teacher encouraged Silvia to write something about Romania. ”You have so many unique stories to tell,” she told Silvia. But at that time, she had buried my identity deep within me.

No, never.

Never would I write a novel set in Romania.

Twenty years later, after Silvia had published her first novel – A Century Divided, set in New York City – she needed a new idea for a second. By happenstance, she landed back in Romania. Silvia wanted a story set in Eastern Europe because she loved Russian novelists like Tolstoy and Pasternak and their very own strong, melancholic narrative. And because, in her words “I’m a lazy bitch and didn’t want to do research on Russia, I decided to set my next piece in Western Romania, where I was born.”

As the plot for her second book developed over the weeks, Silvia was stuck in the middle and in order to finish the novel, she needed to know the end in an early stage of writing. But she didn’t know where it should lead, so Silvia reached out for the writer’s best friend. Google, where she researched “Romanian History 1980s”. The first answer to flash upon her screen was “Romanian Revolution 1989” she nearly fainted. Of course! Ssilvia had totally forgotten. Like a black hole in her memories and brain, this event no longer existed in her life.

Slowly, from an author’s point of view, Silvia dug into the Romanian history, as well as her own. While writing, she had to remind myself that she had experienced this, she had been was there and in return she re-discovered my own heritage.

Silvia is excited about what future ideas she’ll have in her writing career. But she believes one thing: Romania will continue to play a big part in it. 

Silvia labels her writing under the genre headings of historical fiction and literary fiction, what isn’t to love, especially when they have such soul in them. Silvia’s works include book one of her Romania Saga, named Dear Comrade Novak. 

There is no such thing as a private life in the Socialist Republic. There is no such thing as a homosexual. No such thing as love. Not a single case of AIDS occurred in the East. Those corrupt Western ideas simply don’t exist in a perfect world.
In 1980s communist Romania, three school graduates form an unusual friendship: young Attila, who’s in love with his 45-year-old teacher; Tiberius, son of high class secret police parents; and the gypsy Viorica, who is forced into a marriage arranged when she was four.
When a conspiracy scandal throws their life upside down, all three of them will have to choose their sides: for or against the cruel tyrant Ceausescu.
A story about conspiracy and revolution, love and hate, and the strong power of friendship.

The Sequel to Dear Comrade Novak is Private Spy ’86: A Dear Comrade Novák short story

After the bloody revolution of 1989, Romania hopes for a better future. But from the ashes of a brutal regime, new radical groups arise and shatter dreams of a democratic new beginning. 

As he’s proclaimed an enemy of the state, Tiberius flees to Transylvania. Together with Dr. Leonyid Lengyel and the ambitious medical student Jankó, he proves himself a brave man in the riots of a civil war between Hungarians and Romanians.
Amazed by Leo’s bravery, Tiberius’ facade slowly crumbles, and he’s overwhelmed by these new feelings for his new comrade-in-arms.

But in order to find happiness and the freedom he fought for, he must pay a high price.

Don’t worry, Silvia’s works don’t stop there, she has book 3 in the saga coming this Winter, so pull up your reading socks and keep you eyes to the grounds and your ears peeled!

I am absolutely loving these #IndiesOofChristmas posts! Let me know what indie books you’ve bought and / or read this month. Did you review them on Amazon? Yes i’m a pushy blogger, please go do it if you haven’t already!

Until next time aka tomorrow, check out all the published posts on Twitter using #IndiesOfChristmas and remember to follow Silvie on Twitter @Silvie111

Happy Reading.

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