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Is anyone proper stressed about the Christmas rush yet? If not, are you looking forward to road rage meets supermarket sweep in Tesco’s this Christmas? I was so tempted to grab myself one of those loud horns to attach to my trolley, but we all know I wouldn’t! The thought is there though! Could you cause damage with a trolley?

Anyways, less about holiday trolley violence, let me introduce you to today’s #IndieOfChristmas. Today we have Andrew R Welsh, who was born in North East England. As a child Andrew spent hours listening to his grandfather’s stories about his seafaring adventures!

Andrew’s main writing oeuvre is historical fiction, though he has made forays into non-fiction and romance. He has also written revision guides for high school Biology and Chemistry, though they are not for publication. Andrew first worked full-time as a Medical Laboratory Scientific Officer (Histopathology), before training as a science teacher, teaching in 10 countries, visiting 27 in total.

Since publication of his first novel “Any Means To An End – The Lost Diaries of Richard Buchanan”, which got the 2nd prize in the Rosetta Press Literary Contest 2012, he has written 6 other books.

As already stated, the genre labels that Andrew writes under, although mainly Historical Fiction – 17th Century (1679-80 to be exact) he has also written one romantic novel and a couple of non-fiction guides. All books are in the matchbook program and kindle unlimited. I’m here to spotlight some of Andrew’s books, but he has an Amazon page if you want to look further into his works.

We are going to kick it off with Any Means To An End, Volume one of the Lost Diaries of Richard Buchanan, which was published on the 1st of February 2012.

Diaries are uncovered detailing the life and times of Richard Buchanan. He is an English Navy officer leading a gang of sailors through the blue water Caribbean to the grey of the Baltic. They wreak havoc on enemy shipping, pirates and those who act outside the law. Donating their prizes to the Crown they are welcomed back to the fold and entrusted with more missions. Finding intrigue, murder and romance along the way, will Richard ever settle down in his beloved South Shields?

The next spotlight book is Fishing Trip – An Introduction to Fly Fishing and Trout that was published originally in 2013, then finally in paperback in 2018. Only 47 pages!

Holly goes fishing for the first time. What should she do? What will she catch? Find out about fly fishing as you join her on her trip, and see different trout from around the world. The trip is described in poetry followed by an instructional section in prose form.

And last but not least, with a perfectly titled book for the #IndiesOfChristmas spotlight, we have Beaver Creek Christmas. This is Andrew’s most recently published book, it was independently published on the 19th of April 2019. Check out the blurb here:

Robin Whittaker and his daughter Holly, decide to take a holiday in Beaver Creek, Colorado. Meanwhile, Neve Avery, a sergeant in the 10th Mountain Division is leaving the US Army to take up a post as Manager of The Nordic Center at the resort. They bump in to each other on the way and spend the vacation taking part in outdoor and festive activities, getting to know each other further. A relationship develops as shy Robin slowly is drawn out of his shell through various family Christmas traditions.

So there you have it, today’s instalment of #IndiesOfChristmas, the three highlighted books that may make the perfect gift for the bookworm, or the fishing person in your life! Thanks to Andrew for being involved in this December celebration of Indies and for those of you who have shared and hopefully bought a book or three!

Happy Reading.


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