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#IndiesOfChristmas #BookReview #ThrowbackReview #Indies #IndieAuthor #FatherOfStorms by @DeanJonesAutho1 #Throwback

So, there I was scrolling through the Twitter-verse as you do when you’re procrastinating and I get a lovely message from Dean Jones inquiring if I would like to read his self – published novel Father of Storms in exchange for a review. As you can imagine, I bit his hand off! Fast forward the first week of January, I get this hefty 432 page paperback delivered and just couldn’t help do a happy jig dance! I just loved the cover and the way the pages had been formatted, it was beautiful! Father of Storms is now available for your purchasing needs here in both e-book and paperback format.


“Seth appeared to the rest of the world to be a normal 30 something father and husband, but what the world didn’t know was that he had been alive since before the battle of Hastings and had the ability to control both energy and time using his gifts as a Spae Worker. Unfortunately, not all were unaware of his abilities and he has been the focus of the attentions of those who would try to control him all his life.

Waking in a cell room with no recollection of who he really is or why he is being held is one thing but the image of his wife and daughter dead is something entirely different. As he fights to regain control of his own mind he is shown his life through dreams in an attempt by his spiritual companions to bring him back from the brink but the buzzing in his head just won’t go away. Father of Storms is a story told through time, a tale of love and hope where there seems to be none and above all it is a reminder that if you believe, truly believe then even from the darkest places, good things come to those who wait.”

The book begins with the birth of Seth, born to Garrett and Edith, described in a way that feels magical like all births should but with some breath holding moments just to mix it up a bit. The setting and imagery is vivid, this followed the storyline the whole way though. The book flicks between Seth’s past and present, which I both enjoyed and was at times confused about. We were given an in-depth peak into Seth’s upbringing, family life and of course how he came to become a spae worker. This was only confusing as these type of chapters weren’t labelled and it took a small amount of time to realise where I was. I did thoroughly enjoy the read though, this did not negatively affect my reading experience largely.

Right, lets go back to the beginning, the theme of this read is how the energy around us can be used as a way to bring life, to heal and to grow. This energy can be used either positively or negatively, in Seth’s case he is a warrior and chooses to use it as a way to protect his family and his people. Due to his powerfulness Seth has become a target for malicious enemies who want to use his powers for their gain, as well as ones who want to completely break him down as a long drawn out act of revenge.

The concept of ‘Father of Storms’ lies in the spiritual fantasy genre and is a whirlwind of emotions, especially with a theme of familial love. Dean has the ability to create such a beautiful relationship dynamic between Seth and his wife Meredith, it felt like they were real people with true hearts. You can’t help but feel emotionally invested into the lives of these characters, as well as sparking huge dislike for the more undesirable ones.

Some passages of the book; the way they are written I found to be quite beautiful and felt as though they were taken from the heart. I imagine Dean Jones doesn’t just write from his mind or a story plan but rather right from his heart and soul. I also enjoyed that the mention Loki, I do have a soft spot for Norse mythology!

Overall, a recommended read, the ending was wrapped up quite nicely although I would have personally hoped for a ‘six months later’ type ending but that’s my own selfish reading wants! I thoroughly enjoyed my read of ‘Father of Storms’ and I am so gratefully thankful to Dean for asking me to review it, he has a wonderful talent for writing. I can’t wait to read his future work!

Have you read Father of Storms by Dean Jones? Let me know what you thought!


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