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We are here today, to spotlight the work of Mario Rojas, an independently published author who is getting ready to publish a sequel of his first book. We’ve had some delights the past few days, some great books highlighted that some of us may never have tumbled across. I hope these posts are helping to highlight some hidden treasures! If you’ve read some or even all of them, make sure to leave reviews on Amazon, it really helps indie authors and only takes a few minutes.
So it’s Mario’s day today, here’s a bit on background on him.
He was born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. He was partly raised by his maternal grandfather, a native New Yorker, who helped make English his second language. His grandfather, a lawyer, dissuaded Rojas from pursuing a family career in law and focus instead on his passion for the arts.

Rojas went on to study philosophy, art, and graphic design; eventually writing and publishing his first stories in comic book format. His seven-issue samurai-cyberpunk series, GIRI, was well received as print in his native country and can now be found in English on the Comixology platform. During this time, he also taught an all-ages Comic Book Writing workshop at the Spanish Cultural Foundation (CCET) galleries.
Rojas eventually found himself moving to Denver, Colorado with his wife and infant son, looking for work and not having enough time to hit the drawing table, he opted to ditch the panels and focus on the prose. Writing is now a task he battles with everyday—but with the kind help and support of many talented people, he managed to independently publish his first novel.
His first novel is called Ravens Hollow, which is book one in The Dark & Gloom series. Published on the 17th of October 2017, it is available in both e-book and paperback directly from Amazon here.
Dark and Gloom’s troubles with the supernatural get bleaker, when their occultist and former supervillain father, who now works for a shadowy government agency, relocates the family to the seemingly quiet town of Ravens Hollow.
Their new paranormal problems go far beyond adjusting to a new school and terrible cafeteria food. The magically adept twins along with their new accomplice, the lovable, semi-headless cheerleader, Ditsy, stumble into a massive undead invasion that threatens to tear apart their new home.
The second novel in The Dark & Gloom series is Shattered Sun, that was published in both e-book and paperback on the 28th of August 2019. You can grab yourself a copy from here.
A HORDE OF FLESH-EATING GHOULS wreaking havoc across a small town rarely produces a positive outcome—but when school shuts down for repairs, Dark and Gloom find themselves on a much needed impromptu holiday. The adolescent twin occultists will soon discover time off school doesn’t add up to rest and relaxation, when their father drags them and their friend, Ditsy, on a workcation to Arizona. The Valley of the Sun is besought by mysterious underground phenomena, which Professor Dark plans to solve, while the gang enjoys the warm weather and beautiful desert scenery. Rest and relaxation. What could go wrong?
Yet again, this instalment of the series has another quirky cover! That’s one great cover artist!
You can keep up to date with all of Mario’s book news by following him on his social media platforms. You can find him at the following:
Thanks again for tuning in for another #31IndiesOfChristmas post, it’s like an indie advent calendar without the teeth cavities!
Happy Reading.


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