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#BlogTour: The Man In The Dark by Jonathan Whitelaw @JDWhitelaw13 @UrbaneBooks @LoveBooksGroup #TheManInTheDark #Review #PublicationDay

Who doesn’t love a publication day blog tour post? Not me, I am so excited (as always) to be here to tell you why you need this book! I want to start by saying thanks to Kelly for my spot and to Urbane for providing me with a copy of The Man In The Dark by Jonathan Whitelaw that’s out in paperback today (like you need another reminder!). You can grab your very own beautifully designed copy here, It’ll arrive (hopefully) by the weekend! Cancel plans and spend the weekend with The Devil!

Jonathan Whitelaw is an author, journalist and broadcaster. After working on the frontline of Scottish politics, he moved into journalism. Subjects he has covered have varied from breaking news, the arts, culture and sport to fashion, music and even radioactive waste – with everything in between. He’s also a regular reviewer and talking head on shows for the BBC and STV. The Man in the Dark is a sequel to the bestselling HellCorp. His debut novel was the critically acclaimed Morbid Relations.


The Devil’s back – and he’s STILL not had a holiday.

There’s another mystery to solve – a woman kidnapped by terrorists and the world trying to find her. While he hates doing God’s bidding, The Devil can’t resist trying to put one over on Him. But nothing is EVER that simple.

While The Devil helps the London cops crack the case, there’s trouble in the Underworld. And two of humanity’s greatest backstabbers – Brutus and Cassius – are sharpening their knives with an eye on stealing his crown.

It’s a race against time to find the girl, be the bad guy and maybe stop the apocalypse.


I read Hellcorp last year, not as part of the tour, but for pleasure and I was completely entrapped in a written world that was a laugh out loud twist of a novel, very Constantine – you know, the one with Keanu Reeves in? Where the influences of good and evil join forces to uncover the events of a mysterious death. Well the nest instalment is, obviously, The Man In The Dark, that takes the dark humour and mystery solving to a whole other level.

The Devil has a dream, a holiday where he can chill on the beach with a cocktail, well he seems like a cocktail man, but nope, being the King of Hell isn’t easy you know. People to torture and the person upstairs to avoid. No wonder he needs a holiday! By the time he settles back into Hell, he’s called upon again to help crack a human case of terrorism and kidnapping in which he is the prime suspect. No rest for the wicked as they say! What is included in the pages that follow is betrayal, conspiracy and comedy, it’s within this read that you see a further dimension of The Devil’s character, he may be a hard nut but he’s quite human under all that strength and bravado! As humans that he comes into contact with begin to turn very Walking Deadish, The Devil and Laurie the Policewoman race against time to uncover the truth behind the crime.

The whole read was absorbing, I sat at my reading spot and snacked more than I wish to mention, eyes wide open and taking in every awesomely penned word of this devilish great novel. The narrative is easy flowing and sometimes flicks view points but it worked and I loved every single page. Although there are biblical references, it’s not at all a religious read and the mention of Shakespeare’s Cassius and Brutus just worked together. Mythical and bloody great!

The Man In The Dark is a great beach read, pool side read, rainy day read…. quite frankly it’s a read at anytime and love it read. A comical mystery that will have you both sitting at the edge of your seat and cracking up! Everyone loves those types of reads, right? Well get ordering! Now if you don’t mind, i’ll be here waiting for the next book from Jonathan!

Make sure to keep up to date with blog tour using #TheManInTheDark, as well as all the #LoveBooksGroup tours. You can follow @JDWhitelaw13 on Twitter for all his bookish updates!

Happy Reading.


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