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#ThePositivityWave #HappyFriday

Yes! It is I, I’ve missed so many Positivity Wave posts this month, so maybe this will be a bumper post, sorry in advance! This posty concept was begun by the sunshine blogger Meggy at, and every Friday I look forward to not only here little ray but the other The Positivity Wave post publishers!

So this is my month in positives!

Wearing my hair in ‘bear ears’ and looking cute! My hair was totally working for me this week / month!

Having a bookish weekend, I was feeling poorly but every cloud has a silver lining! I devoured The Art of Murder, Violet and Nothing Important Happened Today.

Getting a majority of #Orentober posts finished, started etc. I had a bit of a wobble about the posts but I had some pretty encouraging words for some specials in my life!

A message from my author friend Michelle, she wrote The Four Women which is a superb supernatural but beautiful Parisian novel. You can grab a copy here! She always knows how to put a smile on my face, she rocks!

Morning messages! Is there another way to start a day brilliantly?!

A rare dinner out with the ladies in my life – mum, sister and Lexi – followed by a sunset walk down the beach and a sisterly evening at the pub watching (listening to?) hilariously bad karaoke!

Morning cuddles in bed with my favourite little humans.

Having a true crime binge with fellow blogger Amy, and possibly angry messaging her while she napped and I fell down the rabbit hole of case evidence!

A trip to Cat Protection so a friend can reserve her beautiful feline baby.

Lexi, who last year couldn’t think of anything worse that extra curricular activities, has decided to run for school Council (she is the most thoughtful, kind and amazing little girl I know, I’m always so proud!), sign up for the netball team AND choir!

Cheering on Mart (@LaughingGravy71) and his daughter Hannah, as they absolutely smashed the 100km walk last weekend in the name of @MSSOCIETYUK. The way that the bookish community came together to support these two awesomes, made me super happy to be apart of said community!

Walks with the mini man, we listened to bird songs, looked at bugs and laughed as he chased a butterfly! He’s growing up so fast.

And walks at the beach on a Sunday!

Having a day out with my two dearest friends and our kids, chatting about their weddings and just having some us time…. Also pumpkin spiced lattes 🎃

I’m also finding that I’m happier in general, I’ve got a lot to look forward to and I’m just enjoying the life journey!

That’s my Positivity Wave! How’s your week / month been?

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1 thought on “#ThePositivityWave #HappyFriday

  1. This is such a lovely post! Books, family and friends are definitely the best things in life. Also, love the ‘bear ears’ so cute!


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