#BlogTour: Different Time by Michael K Hill @MKHill0221 @The_WriteReads #UltimateBlogTour

It’s that time again, another Ultimate Blog Tour that has been organised by Dave over at The Write Reads, these tours are my favourite types because it shows not only his support of bloggers and indie authors, but the community pulling together to share their love for an incredible read – in this case it’s Different Time by Michael K Hill, you can grab a copy here! AND there is a book trailer, check it out, Dave hooked me with this! Thanks to The Write Reads and Michael for the PDF copy of this novel to read prior to the blog tour.

Beginning as a sketch comedy writer for television, Michael progressed to non-fiction freelance writing for international magazines, screenplays, short stories and novels.

A lonely, young man risks all to uncover the mysteries of the woman talking to him from the past, but time is running out.

I’m always so unsure of reads that are outside my preferred genres, not usually attracted to emotive reads this one reeled me in with my heartstrings and left me shockingly broken – I didn’t think it would because like I said it’s shaky genre ground for me, it took me a while to embrace it but once I did, you better believe I steamrolled through Different Time and I was so glad that I stuck with it.

It takes something special for me to binge read a book and Michael injected this one with such an emotional concept that I was hooked, I can describe it as a captivating hybrid of The Lake House and The Time Traveller’s Wife – I am in no way comparing the three because this novel is on it’s own level but you’ll get similar feels. Should be a contender for the big screen, the visualisation, writing and imagination is all clearly planned out and written with such beauty and heart with an easy flowing structure of events that flow between the past and present character POV’s.

The concept of this novel is a love story across timelines, the characters were likeable, although  —– grated on me a little at the beginning, I came to love him, as well as —- who doesn’t have the best home life, she’s the embodiment of loneliness and it’s saddening, but so heart-warming when she finds an unexpected connection with —–. I would describe Different Time’s bookish genre as fantasy romance, I truly, utterly loved it, regardless of the initial wobbles. I’m rambling but Michael has written Different Time with the perfect level of consciousness, humanity and heart wrenching emotional unravelling. I dare you not to get tangled up in the story, it’s impossible.

I found myself lost after being completely emotionally invested in this read, a very must lie in a dark room after finishing read – but with so many underlying thoughts, especially that love is timeless, it’s ageless and it’s not always perfect but it’s always perfect to have. It’s a great read, high five to Michael.

Thanks for checking out my review of Different Time, make sure to follow the #UltimateBlogTour to check out the other bloggers who are reviewing, providing content etc.

Happy Reading.

1 thought on “#BlogTour: Different Time by Michael K Hill @MKHill0221 @The_WriteReads #UltimateBlogTour

  1. Love this review. I cannot wait to read it (quickly cos I’m on the 8th)


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