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#BookReview: Invisible Blood by various authors, edited by Maxim Jakubowski @TitanBooks @Sarah_Mather_15 #PublicationDay #InvisibleBlood #Review

Finally, I’ve put all my explosive thoughts onto paper.. blog…. for the incredible anthology of murderous mystery Invisible Blood, edited by Maxim Jakubowski and published today by Titan Books. Happy publication day to all those involved, and thanks to the lovely Sarah Mather who sent me a copy to read and review. My fellow blogger Drew The Tattooed Book Geek has written an incredible review that you can find here!

Invisible Blood is available to order today in a both paperback or ebook format, you can treat yourself to a glorious PB here! I did the oopsie of taking this read in the bath an hour later I was shrivelled like a prune and wowed!

FEATURING A BRAND-NEW JACK REACHER STORY! A collection of seventeen brand-new crime stories from bestselling authors Lee Child, Jeffrey Deaver, Stella Duffy, and more. KILLER SECRETS FEATURING A BRAND NEW JACK REACHER STORY Open the files on an anthology of seventeen new crime stories to probe the brutal and complex hearts of criminals, and unravel the strangest of mysteries. Watch as a secretive group of intelligence community officers trace Jack Reacher through Heathrow in Lee Child’s “Smile”. In Mary Hoffman’s “Fallen Woman”, a journalist on the trail of a secretive drug lord gets caught up in the violent suicide of a young woman in Siena. And in Jeffrey Deaver’s “Connecting the Dots”, detectives follow the trail of clues in the brutal killing of a homeless man, wherever it may lead… Invisible Blood is a gripping collection exploring the compulsions of the criminal mind.

I love a good anthology of short stories, especially when they’re drenched in conspiracy, mystery and blood, Invisible Blood ticked so many, if not all of my boxes – which is amazing due to my fussiness when it comes to short stories. I found that Invisible Blood had a little something for everyone, from thrill with a twist of humour, to complete psychological carnage. Many of them had a quality noir feel to them. Whatever you do, you should get your reading flippers on and dive straight in.

As always with short stories, it doesn’t matter how much you love the collection as a whole, there will always be stories that you enjoyed more than others. The few that completely stood out for me included:
All the Signs and Wonders by Denise Mina – we are drawn into the psyche of Claire, we are given an insight to her life both past and present – we become aware pretty damn quickly that Claire is not stable, which adds to the psychological explosions that you’ll experience throughout the read. I felt that Claire was the personification of many unresolved issues, such as anger, grief and the loss of a number of things. Denise, in a short number of pages has given dark explanations into all aspects of Claire’s life – everything is covered with cracking impact!
The Washing by Christopher Fowler – I do love a story of housewife turn detective, especially when it has dash of nosey neighbour gossip, strong female point of view and a mystery that is solved one piece at a time with the reader on the same wavelength. Linda has moved to Spain with her partner, to what feels like a highly close knit misogynistic area, with her husband away for work and not knowing many of the neighbours, Linda becomes a people watcher. Very Desperate Housewives with a draw dropping edge.
Blood Lines by Stella Duffy – I absolutely loved this one because it was shiveringly eerie and one of the more psychologically warping reads in the pack. The essence of Blood Lines was contorted to say the least, with a dash of Macbeth feels thrown in, as well as being bloody (pardon the pun) unexpected, yet cleverly executed.
Fallen Woman by Mary Hoffman – Crime, conspiracy and lurking deathly threats, uh yes please! Fallen Woman had the feel of old school gangster crime that was super refreshing from the psychological leading stories but just as impactful. Again with a first person narrative, you only have the access to one side of the story which leaves you nail chewing trying to find the missing dots…. get your read string and cork board out folks! Lets play detective!

Overall, this collection is one that you should 100% add to your to read list, every single one of them is shocking and brilliant, I have also been introduced to a variety of authors whose work I have yet to explore, such as Lee Child and John Harvey. I know, I’m a self proclaimed thriller addict, I dissapointed myself at times! Invisible Blood has opened my eyes to the incredibly talented writers out there, who apparently have darkly warped imaginations! If you’re looking for a taut, sinister and suspense filled read this summer, grab a copy of Invisible Blood, it’ll cater for all your twisted desires!

Thankyou again to Sarah for gifting me a copy!

Have you grabbed yourself a copy? Keep me up to date on what stories are your favourites!

Happy reading!

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