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What a way to bring in July than with an under 300 page scorcher that you will burn through in one sitting? Today is my day on the tour for Sister of Mine by Laurie Petrou, which is an unbelievable debut! Thanks to Anne, as always for having me on-board the tour, as well as No Exit Press for the physical copy of the book to read and review in preparation.

This is Laurie’s debut novel (there’s a second coming towards the end of the year!) was publisjed by No Exit Press on the 20th of June, so you can purchase the paperback and / or ebook version here! Laurie has a PhD in a joint degree from York and Ryerson Universities, as well as being an Associate Professor at Ryerson’s RTA School of Media, where she is the Director of the Masters of Media Production program. Laurie loves teaching, and has been the lucky recipient of the Dean’s Teaching Award for the Faculty of Communication and Design, and have even done the convocation address in a pinch. Sometimes she does TEDx talks on things like gender or rejection.

‘When is a debt ever fully paid?
Penny and Hattie are sisters in a small town, bound tight to the point of knots. They share a secret they cannot escape, even while it pulls them apart. One night, a match is lit, and Penny’s terrible husband is killed – a marriage going up in flames, and offering the potential of a new life. The sisters retreat into their family home – a house of secrets and memories – and try to live in the shadow of what they put in motion. But Penny’s husband is not the only thing they are hiding, from the outside world and from each other. Under a cloud of long-held resentments, sibling rivalry, and debts unpaid, the bonds of sisterhood begin to crack. How long will Penny and Hattie demand the unthinkable of each other? How often will they say, “You owe me,” and when will it ever be enough?’

Highly recommended by me!

The core part of the storyline revolves around sisters Hattie and Penny who constantly stand by one another, protect one another and love each-other as sister do. The community in which they live has condemned them as cursed after an incident involving their parents, so they had no other choice that to rely upon one another. But what happens when a dark debt filled secret looms over the relationship that quite frankly spells disaster with a capital D?! The sisters have always been a twosome, but what happens when it flourishes into a foursome? The narrative creates claustrophobic thriller that inches closer to the steep cliff drop edge with every page.

Penny and Hattie are like night – day, ying and yang. As readers we get pulled into their timeline feet first, from the sister’s shared histories to the relationships that they both endured. This is when we get a twisted peak of the ever building debt between the two, that neither can pull themselves free of. As the tagline says; ‘Two Sisters. One fire. A secret that won’t burn out’ and doesn’t this read deliver from everything to suspense, brutal truths and blackmail, you’ll find it difficult not to devour!

The shared and independent experiences magnifies the depth that Laurie has gone into to create this bond, as well as the wedge that begins to push the sisters apart. Sister of Mine is a written in a naturally entwining narrative which is darkly intoxicating, yet sharply poetic. Easy to follow once you get the hang of the flash backs and view point changes, wished they had been labelled at first but when I got into the rhythm I noticed the change of tension and view of words.

At times I found the storyline to be unsettling and chilling, whereas at other times I felt that my heart would break in two. The plot developed at the perfect pace accompanied with a sisterly flair that has turned on its axel, while being drenched with glorious lies, betrayals and revelations – where relationships teeter on the edge of toxicity and dysfunctionality. I found Sister of Mine to be deliciously warped at times and shook with excitement as the puzzle pieces begun to slot into place. Bravo Laurie!

If you’re looking for a mind absorbing, brilliantly written thriller, then this is the read for you! Whether you read it on a commute, next to a pool or in bed you’ll love this! Follow the blog tour by searching #SisterOfMine on twitter!

Happy reading!

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  1. Thanks so much for the blog tour support Danielle xx


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