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My Bookish Habits

We all have habits, good habits and bad habits, some we share with others and some are ‘frowned’ upon. Some bookish behaviours become a routine and reading isn’t quite the same without these behaviours. So, let me share my habits with you.

Book buying, let’s start there! I love books, I buy more books that I can handle. Does that stop me? Nope! I have no impulse control at all. Anyways, when I go in to any book stores and lock eyes with ‘The Ones’ I will always, ALWAYS, take the book from the back / bottom of the pile and if there’s only one, well I’d leave it there. I do this because it’s a lower probability that someone with germy hands has touched the book, flicked through it and just affected the perfectness of a new book. This is the same reason why I tend not to buy books from a charity shop, I say ‘tend to’ but I have and I will if it’s a book I really want – no I’m not a book snob just a bookish germaphobe.

How do you pick yours? I’m a ‘judge a book by its cover’ kind of gal, I like pretty things, if the cover of a book is eye catching I won’t even read the blurb BUT this is a habit that I’m trying to get out of because it’s costing me a fortune!

Book sharing, I’ve come to realise that I’m not a re-reader of most books unless they’re a series of themed, so for instance I’ll read Pet Sematary and The Shining again, as well as the Harry Potter series but usually I will only read a book once. So what is a girl to do? For years I stored them in boxes just incase but as I have come to realise – my house isn’t big enough to store every single book that I read. So, I will pass on to my bookish buddies so they can help share the book love with hope that they enjoyed a book as much as I have. These books are to be shared not sat vacant upon a dusty shelf, although everyone is different, some people will have three degrees of the same book with different covers in different formats, that’s great but it’s just not for me and my tiny cottage! Also sharing is caring! I am super lucky to have a book bestie that lives literally around the corner (Rachel of Rachel Read It), we pass books to one another and it’s always fun!

DNF-ing has been the talk of the bookish town as of late, everyone has different principles. Mine is if I get to page 100 (I try and give a fair chance to all those slow burners out there) and it doesn’t click with me, I just don’t finish it. It’ll get passed on to friends who read, i’ll take it off my Goodreads shelf and not speak of it again, well in blog format. I may discuss with friends but I don’t want to put someone off a book just because I don’t enjoy it and I’ve seen so many Goodreads reviews where they unbelievably rip into a fiction book for not being completely factual, like WTF then it puts someone else off it who otherwise might have loved it. Don’t be one of those! Share book love not hate.

Reading, I’ll pick up a book, read it front to back and then i’ll almost immediately start reading the next book. I write notes while reading, so I can get my exact thought and feelings down immediately after the big twist, death or scandal happens, then Iican recover from that book hangover with another book. A bloggers version of ‘Hair of the Dog’ if you will. The only thing I must say is that the next book can’t be the same genre as the previous because it might get a bit muggled.

Bookish behaviours, some of you may be disappointed at me when I share this frowned upon bookish behaviour but i’d like to point out that I only treat my books this way, not borrowed books. *Deep breathe* I love breaking the spine of a paperback book, yes I know it’s despicable, but it feels so good to do it and fold the book. No i’m not a monster, I won’t just run in to a bookstore break innocent spines and run out. I’ll even dog – ear my books because it’s more reliable that my runaway bookmarks. These books are loved and comfortable, I will not be sharing my copy of Pet Sematary but it is intact and looks unbelievably read.

Where do I read? Anywhere and everywhere, in the bath, schoolyard, bed and kitchen. I can’t read while in the car, that’s what audiobooks are for. The reason for this is I get THE WORST travel sickness where I either need to eat or sleep. I once packed two books for a bus trip to London, I ate my body weight in sandwiches and slept like a small child for 5 hours.

My to go to genre, I’m a thriller fan / addict, however you want to say it. Although thriller is my go-to reads, I’m delving into newer genres outside my comfort zone; rom – coms and dystopian included, as well as falling back in love with non – fiction.

So, that’s me and my bookish habits. I’d love to know what yours are! Let’s get to know each other’s bookish – selves better!


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6 thoughts on “My Bookish Habits

  1. Really enjoyed this post! It’s great to get to know you a bit better and actually we seem to have several similar traits. I too usually “get the one at the back” 😂 and love thrillers. My DNF policy is 25%, if I’ve read a quarter and I’m still not into it then I move on. Also not a massive re-reader, I have a few favourite novels which I’ll keep but mainly I think “there are so many great books out there and I will never read them all (sob!) so why read the same great book twice when you can read two different great books?!”. The exception is non-fiction, as these I might refer/dip into time and again (even though I already know the plot twist – there isn’t one!) so my shelves are about 70:30 non-fiction to fiction. Its great to talk about our relationship with books, that’s why I liked this post so much! Books are a huge part if our lives 💗

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    1. Thankyou Bella! I thought it was a good way to point out how everyone reads differently etc and that we don’t always have to follow everyone else’s rules. I am so glad I’m not the only one, I think Kelly does it too! Who knows where their hands have been and also they tend to be less damaged. That’s a good policy! Isn’t it frustrating when you can’t get into a book! Yes exactly, too many books and not enough time! I’m the same with non fiction, I use them as palette cleansers. A chapter here and there is good! Wow that’s impressive! I tend to read medical and psychopath non-fiction haha you? X

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Absolutely let’s make our own rules, why be a sheep when you can be a trailblazer! And different things work for different people. Yes, it’s frustrating when you can’t get into a book, for sure, especially as you’ve already invested quite a bit to get that far, but life is too short and there are so many books you will enjoy, it’s not worth forcing ourselves. I agree with you on the not reviewing those we really don’t like; a bit of construcive criticism is fine, but if you couldn’t get into it then can you really give an objective review? Best leave that to someone else as there will be others that enjoy it. In non-fiction I tend to read in my subject area (cross cuts between earth science and medicine) as well as popular science more broadly. Also I have a lot of books about the history of art and literature, cookery, wine and gin! When I used to go out I’d love exhibitions at museums and have a fair few special NHM and BM exhibition guides. xx

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    2. Here’s another member of the “get the one at the back” club 😂 But I never fold, crack or dog-ear! I use anything and everything as a bookmark and if all else fails, I memorise the page 😄

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      1. I don’t intentionally crack the spine before I begin but I won’t read it super-carefully so as not to, either. If it cracks it cracks. Like you Kelly I’m not into dog ears, I will a use anything as a bookmark; pens, chocolate bar, ornaments, cutlery, next door’s hamster (ok, might be slightly exaggerating now). ;-*

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      2. I don’t use live things cuz they tend to not stay put 😂


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