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Review: The Homecoming by Andrew Pyper @AndrewPyper @SimonSchusterUK #TheHomecoming

Happy publication day to Andrew Pyper, whose newest thriller is ‘The Homecoming’ – available TODAY in kindle and paperback format. You can purchase here! How exciting!! I was lucky to have been gifted a copy by the publishers last month for review. I want to say that ‘The Homecoming’ was the first book that I had read from this author and it most definitely won’t be the last!


It is only after their father dies that Aaron, Bridge and Franny learn how wealthy he was. But they must fulfil a request in his will to get any inheritance: spend a month in a cabin, deep in the mountains, with no contact with the outside world.

Despite their concerns, they agree.


The isolation soon makes them question what their father was trying to tell them. And why they have memories of the cabin, though none of them have been there before. The only thing they are sure of is that something is calling to them from the darkness of the woods. And before the month is through, they will discover just how deadly secrets can be.”

Now that I have your attention, let me tell you why I loved The Homecoming so much; it scared the crap out of me! There, I admitted it! The last book to have me running upstairs after locking the door and lights out for the night was Steve Cavanagh’s Th1rt3en. So fans of Mr Cavanagh will most definitely love this thriller!

The most popular ‘perfect getaway’, my own included, is a cabin in the middle of nowhere, no technology in terms of television, phones etc but pure family time. This is why I didn’t understand why the conditions of the will were taken so badly. 30 days with family and the freedom to roam the 600 acres of beautiful estate owned by their deceased father. Now, I couldn’t think of anything more terrifying.

I liked the layout of the book, the narrative was split between three parts; Belfountain, Legacy and Ocean – similar to beginning, middle and end – each part delivered a more harrowing blow to the readers (me) psyche. What begun as delightful sloped into the area of dark forest and creepy shadows haunting the occupants who temporarily resided. For me, it was the unknown; people lurking faceless in the shadows as murderous going on begin to unfold. I can barely look out of the windows if it’s dark out. I was left traumatised by the warped tale spun by Pyper, the storyline of The Homecoming had me running around in circles trying to be reading for the next twist in the tale…. I was never ready.

I really liked the character development of all those included, whether I liked them or not. I think it’s always nice to provide a historical view of characters, as well as the relationships that they have with other characters. You can’t help but feel pity for them throughout the storylines, as well as ultimate dislike to others. You can always tell when an author has taken the time to focus on their characters, because they have that ability to create an emotional response. It’s great! Andrew Pyper has done an overall fantastic job!

The feel of the book is very Agatha Christie lock room mystery sprinkled with the horror of ‘Ten’ by Gretchen McNeil, although ‘The Homecoming’ is in a league of it’s own – original, horrifying and thrilling. This work of absolute literary genius will definitely gets the heart rate spiking! Not for scardy cats or the weak hearted! I highly recommend this read to those of you that enjoy screaming ‘WTF’ at books…. in a good way…. a lot!

Sorry if I’ve babbled, i’m still mentally recovering! It’s great! Buy it!



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