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Review: Dark Water by Ariana D.Den Bleyker @ADenBleyker15 @Fahrenheitpress @F13Noir #Fahrenbruary

Hello there you lovely readers, if you’re questioning what #Fahrenbruary is right now, you can read my previous post that highlights all the details, as well as a peak at my first ever F13Noir haul here!

The constant blog readers will recognise the name of the author whose book I’m reviewing today. I have recently read and reviewed her other book baby ‘Red Hands’ which initially made me fall in love with her writing. If you haven’t read my previous Ariana review, click here to be transported.  Both are available from Fahrenheit Press in both e-book format and paperback. I’ve put purchasing links for both of these books at the end of this post.

The Blurb

“When Henry’s wife is murdered he’s forced to disappear. Nobody would believe he didn’t kill her. His sister, the only witness, won’t testify. His brother-in-law, the detective, doesn’t trust him. His mistress, the investigating pathologist, won’t help him.

They all have their own secrets to protect.

And after all, Henry killed so many others before.

Dark Water is a pitch black tale of suicide, torture, murder and revenge as an artist returns to produce his greatest work out of those closest to him.”

What I Thought

I’m the type of reader who does enjoy the occasional novella, especially if it’s as dark and disturbing as this one. I like to be kept on my toes, while expecting an explosive ending. This read delivered on all those accounts. Why am I even surprised? Ariana is a hugely talented author who has a flair for creating the most sadistic of characters and narratives.

The main protagonist of Dark Water is Henry, who comes across as a huge misogynistic character with a very negative opinion of women, not just those in his life but all women. We learn from the blurb that Henry’s wife Callipie has been murdered and no-one is willing to believe him, when you meet Henry you’ll know why. He is a very distasteful character in my opinion, and oh what a pleasure it was to see him in this undesirable predicament.

The storyline is that of a dark and twisted nature, where torture, suicide, murder and brutal revenge are the main culprits of the darkness! There’s an incident that involves an eye that I’m still not willing to discuss, but that one sentence made me squirm… a lot! This is a fantastic point to make, that Ariana’s writing can transport you into the storyline, like you’re a nosey neighbour watching from a distance. This is the power of words. It’s excellent.

The storyline flicks between past and present, at first I thought i’d accidently walked into a time machine but after a couple of chapters it all made sense and in hindsight I think it really worked. Like I’ve said, it kept me on my toes, and the affect was spot on! The narrative made me shiver, as you do when you’re in the presence of pure evil. There was a sentence that made me think that this guy was 100% not right, who describes the act of murder as rebirth and freedom. Creepy as hell!

The ending was WOW, like a car that had been travelling down one lane, to then without any indication, speed into the next lane. It was like literary whiplash, which is always the good kind. Throw in a f***ed up type of love triangle (which there was) you’ve got fantastic warped read. I couldn’t have asked for more!

If you’re a reader of dark, twisted noirs that is “darkly wonderful… One hell of an explosive firecracker” AND under 100 pages then THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU! If you’re not sure if you’re they noir reading type, well try it out, you will be surprised! Obviously, I recommend it!

Purchasing Links

Red Hands

Dark Water

Fahrenheit Press

Fahrenheit 13 (An imprint of Fahrenheit Press)

Have you read Dark Water? Please share your thoughts. And if you haven’t read it, you really should! Remember, you don’t have to be a blogger to review Fahrenheit Press / Fahrenheit 13 reads, if you do want to share your thoughts on your Fahren-reads make sure to share with the hashtag #Fahrenbruary on Twitter and Instagram!

Whatever you’re reading this month,


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  1. Great post! I obviously agree with you 😊


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