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I travelled to Swansea on the 3rd of February with a wonderful blogging buddy to attend my first Swansea Blogger Collective at the beautiful listed building filled with equally beautiful books that is Swansea Waterstones, where we shared bookish love, blog tips and were gifted some truly amazing reads which I can’t wait to share with you! Also, shout out to Swansea Twitter Guy who is as great as his tweets suggest! One of the gifted reads was from Hashtag Press in the form of the cute ‘My Mini – Micro Mindset Manual’ that was written by qualified yoga instructor, Neeta Oza.

This little Pocket Rocket as Neeta calls her is a beautifully written A – Z guide that contain bite-sized tips, ideas and supportive words of positivity, that have the potential to turn your life around. I’ve read this mini multiple times and I’ve only had it for a week! It’s either situated by my bed or it is travelling in my purse, incase I need it. I personally get quite a lot of anxiety when I’m outside my house, as well as lacking confidence. The little alphabetized advice contained in this book has already helped me to start my day with a more positive mentality. I’ve even bookmarked my favourite affirmations, personal things that I need to overcome. Including;

“Time is precious. Make the most of the time that is here now. Think about how precious every breath and heartbeat is. Don’t waste your time on anything that doesn’t bring you joy.”

‘My Mini – Micro Mindset Manual’ is a complete game changer, powerful, everyone should have a copy so it’s there just incase you ever need the words of encouragement that you may not find anywhere else. A healthy and positive mindset means a mentally healthy you! Obviously, I loved the book! It was released in January, I have included the purchasing link at the end of post. (*whispers* buy it!)

Don’t just take my word for it though, I am so privileged to have had the opportunity to connect Neeta, who is super lovely by the way, and she’s agreed to be interviewed. How exciting!

Thank you Neeta for agreeing to answer some questions concerning your new release ‘My Mini – Micro Mindset Manual’ that was published by Hashtag Press on the 31st of January 2019 in paperback. I think myself and the readers would love to know where the concept of MMMMM came from and why do you think that this is an important weapon in overcoming negative mental health?
I just tried to think of all the advice I’d given myself over the years (in order to get back on the right path!), as well as priceless advice from family, friends, colleagues, partners and strangers; and decided to collate it into a little self-help guide.​
At present, people seem to lead extremely diverse lives; some hectic, some at a slower pace. So, I wanted to keep it as versatile as possible. ​
I feel that MMMMM is petite and powerful; a ‘tool/gem’ that people can use when they may need some clarity or focus – whether it be on a remote beach where they have all the time in the world, or standing on the tube – with minimal personal space – during rush hour.​
And what a gem you’ve created, I love the copy that I was gifted by Hashtag Press at my recent #SBCollective meeting. It currently resides by the side of my bed with post it stickies at the pages that I feel helps me! What I’ve noticed is that 50% of all sale proceedings go to the charity Mind. Could you please tell us more and why it’s important to you to give back.​
MIND Charity was founded in 1946, and 70 years on, they continue to offer advice, raise awareness and provide support to anyone experiencing a mental health issue. ​
I volunteered for MIND Charity over 10 years ago, and I learnt so much from the employees, service users, as well as the Charity itself. When I wrote my book, I knew that I would be giving 50% of my proceeds to this great cause as a way to give something back.​
That is truly amazing! I think this is why it is important to shine a light on this mini literary beauty, not only will it help guide the reader into living a more positive life mentally but also helps to provide assistance to the individual’s who need it the most. ​
You’ve provided this fantastic A – Z guide of positive mini affirmations, one of my favourites is Time, have you got a favourite?​
One of my favourites is definitely ‘L’ which is for ‘Love & Laughter’. For me, these are two of the best ‘L’ words in the world, which can instantly put a smile on your face and make you feel warm and fuzzy when you think about them.​
I agree with this tremendously! Towards the end of your book, you mention motivational speakers. Could you tell us who your ‘go to’ speakers are?​
Abraham Hicks, Gary Vee, Marisa Peer, Les Brown, Earl Nightingale, Christie Marie Sheldon, Lena Kay – and I’m discovering more of them, frequently, which I love.​
Through trial and error, or listening to the above motivational speakers, have you discovered a personal life mantra that works for you?​
‘3-2-1, I’m alive!’ – it instantly makes me recognise that I’m living and breathing, and like billions of people, have been gifted on this earth to do just about anything. Yes, I have to say this often to myself, maybe 10 times a day or more, as I do need reminding when my mind starts to drift onto subjects that serve me no longer.​
Wow, that’s a great mantra and something that many of us need to keep reminding ourselves. One of your positive thoughts is E for exercise. You’ve indicated that by keeping physically fit, especially with the use of yoga in which you are an instructor, you are able to maintain a positive mindset. What advice would you give someone who needs the motivation to get up and go?​
I would say avoid thinking too much about it and just start. Even going for a simple walk. You can jazz-it-up a bit by listening to a podcast or music. This may turn into a jog/run at some point, and in time you may find a type of exercise that you thoroughly enjoy and get excited about, without it being a burden or chore.​
Personally, I do participate in ‘dancing it out’ which I originally saw on Grey’s Anatomy (Thanks Meredith and Christina!) and I really think it works to clear negativity from my thoughts because I do tend to linger! You’ve mentioned the use of podcasts to ‘jazz-it-up’. Would you suggest any podcasts in particular?​
Gary Vee – for me, he is a straight-talking, inspirational human being, and his kindness is absolutely legendary. ​
Great, I am going to check that one out, I love a great podcast! Thank-you again for answering my questions about you and your book. I’m super excited to meet you at Waterstones, Swansea on the 7th of April at 1pm (Everyone, it’s a public event!)


I highly recommend purchasing a copy of this positive micro read, read one lettered affirmation a day and then see how it affects your mindset in a positive way. Neeta is super friendly and interacting on social media, any questions you have I am sure she would be more than happy to answer! Neeta also has a wonderful blog, I’ve included the link below! Also, why not pop along to Swansea Waterstones on the7th of April at 1pm to meet Neeta and listen to her read from My Mini – Micro Mindset Manual?

Links (clickable hyperlinks)
Purchase Link: Amazon

Twitter: @NeetaFitness Instagram: @NeetaFitness
Mind Charity

Thank – you for reading this review / Q & A, have you ordered or read MMMMM already? What were your thoughts? I’d love to know!



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